Monday, October 06, 2008

Visiting Nee Lee @ workplace

I lurve crashing into ppl's home/office.
so the word "visiting" was just too dainty and far too kind.
I reached earlier than Nee Lee herself at HER workplace
and had a yummy waffle breakfast at some place I forgot its name

Look at her HUGE HUGE room!!!!
big and empty

I no likey empty spaces.
being surrounded by lotsa things make me soooo...busy and a diligent worker
she put my pic there!!!!
together with Mee Mee back in our roomies days in campus.
*wipes tears*

Looking at my place,
I've only had more work framed instead of framed pics.
anyway Professor Nee Lee was busy preparing answers to some really really
brain killer questions.....
dun ask me wat the heck are these!!!
Engineering was never my cup of tea!!!
solve the wave equation!!!!
I lurve Nee Lee's workplace...
so spanking huge.
as in like acres of land that we have to drive from one block to the other.
Woooo I can get lost here.
the management building
huge corridors for fat students.
but where are they???
prollie still sleeping
snooooreeeeeee zzzzziiinnkkkkk
Nee Lee then drove us for.........................KFCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
Big Eyes ST tagged along
yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy
my favourite dish since I was 3
Spice Crunch available for a limited time only...
but I still prefer Uncle Colonel's recipe - original with 11 herbs + spices
thank u for letting me monkeying around and site visiting at your nice workplace.

heheheh despite your students coming for consultation
and silly Monkey sitting there kacau kacau-ing.

Now who's next...
who care to let this Monkey do a workplace visit???
I promise to behave....



licheng said...

wow! that's the new building? lots hv changed since we left..
obviously :P

Unknown said...

eh, i agreed. cannot recognised those buildings anymore!!!

neil said...

I feel so... exposed :P

*muaks muaks monkey*

Odin Cards said...

Exposed? :o Where where?

Anyway, no student sightings = cyberjaya culture. Too early :P

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Yep FIT and FOM got spanking new buildings as white as snow!!!

Shell Shell: Of coz dun recognise coz it's NEW.

Nee Lee: which part kena exposed? got 18 SX pic in my blog???

Joo: I think u were one of those student last time....hiak hiak hiak. Still snoring in HB2.