Monday, July 18, 2011

Get together at Millesime, Solaris Dutamas

It was an intimate and cozy gathering at this French restaurant co-owned by Mel
the dining format here is fuss free....u literally eat wat Chef Max Chin cooks for the day
so there isn't any ala carte menu....only a degustation for the day.

but to get there it took almost hours thanks to the usual Friday jam
anyway this posting was last month....heeeeeeeeeee no time soli!!
we also had guests flown in from Singapore for this dinner
Maggie is a motorsports enthusiast so she was so ecstatic coming to Msia for the Japanese GT
we started the dinner with a simple fish sashimi style with vinaigrette dressing
I think on the side was so cheese
pan roasted scallops with beans in saffron infused sauce
foie gras and pasta? with celeriac and mushroom sauce
passion fruit sorbet was a lolly actually..on a stick :P
since I was not up for Kobe I had crab...crispy soft shell crab

Currently Millesime serves Chateau Lafite Rothschild by the glass....hmmm think 2001 too young to drink? I can't remember the last time I had bordeaux...must be with the M People in Singapore.

also by the glasses is d'Yquem and some other Italians but all are pretty young
they dun have a wine list...just feel free and walk into their cellar.
so if u r lucky u might find some good stash...otherwise very difficult to order wines.
I brought his favourite watch which he was drooling over at Baselworld 2011
though it was only a prototype it was sufficient to made him smiled fr ear to ear
*now this word Baselworld is getting more familiar with Msians, thanks to that RING which was 1st previewed at Baselworld, Switzerland last March with a price tag of USD 24 mil*
**Baselworld is the most important exhibition/fair in my industry**
chocolate dream cake with macaroon and ice cream
Why r they doin the same pose?
group pic with Mel
Mel rushed all the way fr Sepang after his practice laps
well though he can drive so fast on the track, with the KL jam...he snailed his way in his flirt mobile.

another pic with Monkey innit :)))))))))
Fuchsia is still my fav color hehehehehehe
and one final one with Brian C :)))))
since both of us are so busy...guess the next time we catch up in Bangkok?

The owner Lionel was there too and he wanted real comments
so I gave him a handful
however this place has improved since the last time I visited it 6 months ago
well told ya if I dun like the place I dun blog about it. :p
*so in fact I have visited way way way many more restaurants than I've blogged about*

G1-01-3, Ground Floor,
Menara Kencana Petroleum,
Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 6211 0648

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