Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How often.......

How often do u get a boss that does all these things?
yes all at once
Have no idea wat was he doin rite????
well the below pics will explain......sigh....

*slaps forehead*
"Well if we ran out of $$$$ in HK prollie we should just do this?"
everyone faints~~~~~
okie now we can sooooo imagine u with tat broom

our dearie boss is a typical chinaman
and our biggest boss is a Jew
so can u imagine us being managed like chinaman jew?
the best-est ever combination....no other organisation will have this recipe
and we r so glad that it is this way :)))))))))))))
it made us very efficient....kekekekekkeke and groom us to be strategists
he is not very good with gadgets, technology, even his personal belongings such as phone and iPad
"see now can do video call already......"
all of us in unison: "Choi video call is so passseeee la....it's PAST!!!"

and he lurves to fiddle with our gadgets including DSLR camera...can't even hold it properly
he's the wrong person to snap pic for us....coz all pics were just so spoilt!!!!
"ehhhh y kenot see one? the screen is blank!!!"
weiii boss ar...u have to view the lil finder there...this is a DSLR lar...

"Aiks y ur blackberry kenot zoom in one???" widening his fingers ferociously on the screen
slapping forehead....u another one....this one is not iPad or iPhone lar...

"eh how to download apps yea?"
we oso dunno y on earth he got an iPad sigh............................
at the same time....he alwiz acted like a superstar :P
for tat very moment all of us pretended not to know him :P
"stop taking my pics!!!!!! I'll torture u at work on Monday!!!!!!"
yeah we learn the good and the bad fr this man
comes Monday all is back in order.....n we r again his beloved obedient efficient super team :D
seen here advertising for Tsing Tao
yeah how very often u get such an amazing boss
and a even more Dynamic team?

one in a million :))))))))))))))))))
I'm looking fwd to our next outing yea!!!

anything will do except playing ferocious sports like badminton
I kenot!!!!!!!

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