Monday, July 04, 2011

Le Creuset

our favourite cookware and Monkey's favourite color - Caribbean Blue!!!!
so pretty!!! made me jumped up and down not bcoz it is a new color
it's been in the market for 2 years now....
the thing is....everything was on 50%

from Flame to Cherry to Dijon to Kiwi to Dusty pink to Satin Blue
all colors!!!! all Le Creuset's products!!!!
oh well if u r wondering wat kind of products they have.....
it will make u go crazy and insane
our current favourite cast iron which JS seldom use at home in color FLAME
it's been sitting at home for ages and Monkey uses it for steamboat on the induction cooker :P
coz it is just too heavy and too pretty to use

the other products that JS uses the most was the grilling pan for all his meat
and of coz smaller Le Creuset bowls for condiments and his mis-en-place

anyway we got another smaller Round French Oven in the above color - FLAME
well according to Le Creuset the idea is to look good from the hob to the oven,
and from the oven to the table

as for us it is just so convenient coz u can wham it into the oven 
into the freezer and most of all DISHWASHER
wuahahahah I hate doin dishes...well who doesn't anyway :P

this one in the color CHERRY
anyway we have too many pieces of this Round French Oven collection
but then the other colors were just too tempting :((((((((((
like this one in DIJON
we do have salt holder in this color but nothing beats a bigger item that makes bold statement

"OMG which one should we get? all are soo pretty!!! and all are 50%!!!!!"
JS: "Anything lar...faster....we r late for lunch appointment!!!!"
the sales assistant ain't helping at all by bringing in more pieces in more colors for Monkey
I think JS wanted to whack her with one of these heavy cast iron pans :P

"this one is soooo sweet.....the color's name is KIWI!!!!"
JS: "Whichever one will do lar...we r LATE....anyway why are u buying so many? u dun cook!!!"

"but then they are all so PRETTY!!! I'm gonna merchandise them nicely on the stainless steel kitchen rack later."
JS: "Madam how r u gonna check them into your luggage and fly em back to Msia?"

"errrr good question...nvm buy first!!!!"
JS T_T aiyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

I lurve this color so much so die die we must buy one piece
S.A.: "Maam this size u can accommodate one whole chicken in."
"Yea yea very good."

JS: "We dun eat chicken nvm it is ok."
Monkey: "Nvm buy first!!!"
we also got some other Enamel Stoneware pieces
the above was an Oval Baking Casserole Dish in Cobalt Blue color
and another one in lovely Dijon color
JS: "What??? are u gonna start baking now?"
Monkey heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
then I saw this color!!!!!
OH MY GAWD!!!! so pretty!!!
JS pulls Monkey's's time to go

and in the end we had to lug all the items to a certain someone's home for storage
coz our cabin size luggage bag definitely can't accommodate
Sorry yea have to pinjam ur home for a few weeks

so folks sale till while stock last...
I'm sure after all the above purchase there are still items left cept all the pretty colors are gone
now scramble ur way to Tangs, Orchard Road now!!!

go and read bout the history of Le Creuset which was incepted in 1928 here


licheng said...

These things are heavy! but definitely great :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yeah heavier than us lar...hahahahahaha

thevi said...

I heart this post! My favourite colour is CHERRY! ;-P

js said...

Thevi.....recently I got shoulder think this has anything to do with cooking with le creuset pots n pans?? :))

thevi said...

Maybe the shoulder injury is due to the juggling of LC pots? You should only carry one at a time ;-P

CHER-RY said...

Hot Mama Thevi: dun believe him!!!! it has nothing to do with any pots/pans but GOLF :P

thevi said...

I thought as much! ;-)

I baked my apple cranberry flan cakes in my cherry LCs this morning. They look too pretty!

CHER-RY said...

Thevi: next time i go to ur place, u must bake something for Monkey!!!!

Cindy said...

Wah Cherry, I collect Le Creuset as well. Except everything of mine is flame, I don't mix and match. =)

You should just visit Chai in SD. I buy my stuff from the US which is still wayyyy cheaper than Tangs on sale.

CHER-RY said...

Cindy: Hello there!!! I usually buy them in Europe when it's really dirt cheap hahaha. Must inject more colors into life u know :))) Singapore has got special color collection such as the baby pink :)) Don't think u can get it anywhere in US or Europe. Right now Tangs has got 50% :)))