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My first experience with Qatar Airways

Beautiful view of the snow capped Swiss Alps
It was a relief when I bid goodbye to Switzerland. This ain't a vacation so travelling for work is no fun at all. Especially when u need to endure long flights. And bcoz of this....Monkey waited....and delayed and waited until the very super last minute to book her flights. *in hope that she's not needed in Switzerland*

everything was fully booked and I've refused to fly with certain airlines. Then my ever reliable travel agent tried her very best to sell me Qatar Airways. I have NEVER flown with them before....and was....errrrr......hmmmm...skeptical.

she didn't sound convincing either especially on the transit part. I hate transits esp certain sectors with Emirates in Dubai. Travel Agent informed that the transit with Qatar Airways in Doha will be similar to Emirates at Dubai because their main airport is under construction to prepare for the World Cup 2022. Currently Qatar Airways is the proud sponsor of FC Barcelona.

Out of desperation I was sold and bought the tickets to Zurich with Qatar Airways. It's either Qatar or I will have to swim to Switzerland.
*pic taken fr the web*

and the sectors to/fro Zurich is with a 787 Dreamliner....
oh Hello there Dreamliner :)))) You are so so so spacious. Every seat in the business class is an aisle seat. This is so wonderful, and because I was travelling alone, I had the window seat. :))))))))) Awesome....My privacy was never invaded and I don't like to speak to other travellers/cabin crews, just my policy.
*pic taken from the web*

the windows on the Dreamliner is 2x the length giving passengers more space and view. The windows do not come with blinds but more of a dimmer. Check out the round button below the u just touch up/down to dim or brighten it up. It could dim all the way till the cabin is shrouded in total darkness for u to zzzzzzzzzZZZZzziiiinnnkkkkkkkkkkkk

With 2 personal tables, there's plenty of space for ur stuffs, including a laptop at the side. There are 2 compartments, one for your bottle of water and headset, while the other one was big enuff to stuff unwanted things in sight.
The screen is a touch screen with multi windows...and yes I was watching "We are the Millers". Do watch the uncensored version, damn farnie can die. Bahahahahaha.

Qatar Airways is fully wifi-ed as well. What have we become???? We need to be perpetually connected to the virtual world?

*all pics of the cabin were taken from the web*

It's too impossible to snap a pic without other passengers innit. Hahahahaha. Plus the pic quality on my iPhone is simple terrible!!!!

There's a lil leg rest on the inside, just below the screen and table if u could see. My feet were not longer enuff but once you've put on the flat bed u should be able to use that leg rest. For me, even the entire seat was on elongated flat bed, my tiny short feet still can't touch it. LOL

There's Amuse Bouche served for every meal...the above was crispy rice by Nobu Matsuhisa. Yeah their menus were crafted by 4 celebrity chefs of Nobu, Tom Aikens *read bout our experience at his restaurant in London here*, Ramzi Choueiri and Vineet Bhatia.
Hearty tomato soup. I hardly see airlines serving soup like this. I forgot to snap pic of my Seafood Soup by Nobu at one of my sector.

 Fish with long grains and grilled vegetables. For all sectors, I've tried at least one creations from each chef....somehow the food wasn't that could be me :P

I was so tired, I didn't bother to have desserts. Qatar Airways really spoil their passengers for every course there's a selection of 3-4 dishes. Meaning there's 3-4 appetizers to choose from, followed by 4 main course to choose and up to 4 desserts!!!!!

Unknowingly to me, Mr. JS was bz tracking me on his apps. He had this flight radar thing for a few months before the MH370 incident. Now he's even more active on it, tracking my every coordinates and speed....and altitude -_-" and been emailing me and taggin me on Facebook as I was flying.

Yeah I know...I can never run from you so u might as well install a GPS chip into me...
or *gasp* maybe u've already have!!!!!
Breakfast fruits platter

Monkey was so tired she couldn't wake up for her meals. In Qatar Airways you have a dedicated/designated Cabin Crew whom will attend to all your needs. Then the Head Steward/Stewardess will also speak to you about your needs and requirements. Such impeccable service that I felt so so pampered. It's like a personal butler u know.
Crepes with orange syrup
The breakfast was pretty huge, there's yogurts, muesli, cereals, pastries, different loaf of breads, all sort of jams, omelette, rice dish, sausages and freshly brewed coffee from cappucino, latte to macchiato u name it. Then there's desserts for ur breakfast too.

I just took a few bites of my crepes, down my coffee and went back to zzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. So so so tired.

The sector back home to Malaysia was on an Airbus. Landing was pretty smooth and believe you me, the transit in Doha was EXCELLENT. Transfer was done separately once you've alighted off your plane in Doha. First class passengers were transited with BMW 5 series and Business class with premium bus. Then the First and Business passengers were put at a different building/terminal lounge. So u feel less crowded, less people with much more ease and comfort.

Finally YES I would fly with Qatar Airways again esp when the transit is only 2 hours. Looking forward to more journeys with Qatar Airways :))))))))))

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