Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

I tried to be an "intelligent" monkey,
and wikipedia-ed on the above festival...
the abundance of information just made me even blur,
there are so many version of the origin of this festival
Read bout it *here*

Couldn't care much...
the memories of burning candles and lanterns,
chomping down sweet mooncakes which gave me toothache,
enjoying the view of beautiful full moon is enuff to keep me breathless.

for those who are working for hongkie company,
damn u...u get a holiday!!!!
*not fair not fair not fair not fair*
JS's friend, a GM for the above company,
sent us some yummylicious mooncakes.

"Wow, so many of them. How are we gonna finish it?"
"No worries, I can eat one whole piece by myself."
"O_O nanti u sakit perut baby."
when it comes to ice cream....
sakit perut does not exist.
His' fav flava.....chocolate
with mango sorbet in the middle
Monkey's fav~~~~~~strawberries
however our fav flava for Haagen Dazs = Rum & Raisin

Go buy it!!!
RM 36 per piece, there are
- macadamia
- chocolate
- strawberry
- cookies & cream *this is soooooo Oreo Nij*

"U still have any friends who are GM of this and that brand???"

"Preferably fashion, apparels, bags, shoes, cosmetics...got ar???"
"-_-..............oil & gas u want???? free petrol voucher??"

Dear readers....
enjoy your mooncakes, kacang, pomelo...
the season of giving *and receiving*
and think of the needy ones...

but most of all
enjoy burning your lanterns ya!!!!!!
oooOOOooooo I missed tat.


neil said...

I want that!!!

*hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry*

CHER-RY said...

You better not touch any ice cream for one whole week till your sore throat is gone!!

But if u do have ice cream, I would be glad to help u to consume them to stop the temptation for u. :D

neil said...

not fair! *pout*