Monday, September 10, 2007


Yup..I am back in one piece,
and nope Kindy Chai...
I was not in India...hehehe

World meeting in India cancelled due to various reason
*banging my India colleague's precious head left and right*

I was hoping to visit the palaces and the Taj Mahal of coz,
and all the lovely places around New Delhi.
Let's just hope for next time....hmmmmmph!
TEMPUS was ........erm....
no offence to the organiser but it was darn boring!!
I am sure they did a great job with helluva preparations etc,
but seriously it was super duper extremely amazingly sien!!!
My fav timepiece - Richard Mille
oozing with testerone!!!
Monkey & Ms. Whitherspoon
She blond her hair trying to look like ang moh.

"What's with the hair?"
"Mr. President is coming. I have to."
Alex da Ah Beng & Ms Whiterspoon
Both of them can't be near each other,
or hell break loose..
and I'm usually in between!!!
They tried so hard to pose for me...hahahaha
but I think both of them make a great couple!!!
Monkey & Alex da Ah Beng
just so scary...
coz on the 1st and 2nd day....all 6 of us turned up in black.
and on the 3rd day....white!!!

we have telepathy power!!!!
hot chick Jamie & Fiery Amy
Jamie is getting married this Nov
and all the guys goin bohohohohohohoho

Mr President insisted that she should wait!!!
I think she should hold on too....
when I was 24...I don't even know the M
Marriage folks!!!
Matthieu the watchmaker
I've never met such a young watchmaker before,
the other brands flown in....
really really REALLY old grandfather watchmaker.

OURS is a partay animal!!!
everything is just so micro tiny!!
to Matthieu it's like playing lego
I can't even count how many balance wheels were there,
but confirmed there's 165 tiny parts on its aligned movement.
Matthieu was flown in to assemble everything and kept the crowd in awe
Matthieu!!! Wake UP!!!!
see that's what happen when u roam all nite long at Boat Quay
He can even sleep standing!!!

Merci Beacoup Matthieu
for all the beautiful stories
see u again in Switzerland next year.
well that if I'm still in the watch industry.

I'm sure u have gained a few kilos,
with all the peking duck, roast babi,
chicken rice, tom yum goong, paad thai, khao soi,
sushis, sashimis,
and more ducks!!

this watchmaker has super big CC tummy!!


Bry™ said...

good post! whos da hot chick? ^^

CHER-RY said...

Thanks B!

U come to Spore and I'll introduce...nyek nyek nyek.