Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Moomba, Boat Quay

I sampai-ed early...
and waited for the boys.

Augustine the owner, served me some champagne - Rose
to shut my mouth I supposed.
super premium SGD 350 I forgot wat champagne, 1986 margaux, rose champagne

coz I was busy chattering non stop with Chef Leonard,
asking for tips here and there,
kacau kacau and the whole team lost concentration.

I'll see my face on the glass entrance,
with the "banned" logo over it.
The boys were 30 minutes late,
*they claimed that I was 30 mins early*
and we started off with Tasmanian oysters.
small, succulent and creamy.
First course was the famous jap rice infused with wasabi oil,
served with salmon belly and salmon eggs,
topped with bonito flakes and seaweed.
extra large foie gras,
served on a bed of mash and soft-yummy-melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek.
I just passed the whole chunk of goose liver to Prince C
He lurves it whole,
he lurves it pan seared,
fried with rice etc.

Pink guava sorbet to wash our palate after the heavy super rich foie gras
Creamless *but lotsa froth* carbonara with yummy prawns,
the foam were light and delicious.
I guess chefs have move away from painting on the plate into foams, froth..etc
our main course was a yummylicious pork with chef's special sauce.
the pork was super tender and I didn't wanna share with the boys!
this lil baby went so well with the main course,
Margaux are always sweeter,
I guess their grapes are fully loaded with juices + minimum skin.

It's a 1986 but the colour gave it away,
beautiful and mellow.
egg tart with oreo base,
served with mango sorbet and red bean jam...
and fully loaded with all my fav fruits!!!
really really sayang Chef Leonard.
mini baby american figs,
complimentary fr chef...
now I super sayang Chef Leonard.
and we went home with super blur face + happy tummy

Boat Quay,
52 Circular Road,
Singapore 049407
Tel: +65 6438 0141


neil said...

yummy yummy yummy... but I am still waiting for your oh jien recipe :P

CHER-RY said...

sorry Nee Lee.....I forgot...slap me!!

neil said...

nobody dare to slap monkey la (who might just retaliate with bites and scratches) heheheheh