Wednesday, September 12, 2007

La Strada Ristorante, Scotts Road

It was an important dinner,
and I was super duper late.

Monkey was impatient to leave,
but Chris da Boss was shooting me the "I am so gonna demote u" look.
for we were about to close a huge sale...

stooopid kuwaiti customer
took so long to choose his timepiece,
but it's a half a mil piece...
so he had to take his time.

anyway they buy diamonds like buying crystals.
fast and straight forward.

I was only allowed to leave after making sure his black Amex
went thru....phewwwwww.

Stood at the taxi queue for 30 mins outside Swissotel,
and snarled at inconsiderate chinese tourists
who tried to cut queue,
and the stooopid weekend jam.....-_-
I took 45 mins to reach to a place 8 minutes away.
Shawn throwing me tat look!!!
Yes I know,
I am late....sorry sorry sorry
dun be angry.
selection of parmas and grilled courgettes and aubergines with olive.
Before I can say hi and hug everyone,
the head staff seated me and pulled my napkin,
and dinner was served.
*any faster ar???*
clam and mussel zuppa with grilled pepper and saffron
I was enjoying my meal so much,
and didn't know that we are heading for a 10 course dinner!!!
die die die
Chateau Latour 1986
I dun even wanna know the price,
sure sakit hati one

we gave this amazing baby to Doc and Emily for their 21st wedding anniversary
Monkey, Li-Ann, Tracie and Emily...
Must take pic with her pressies.
Amedei chocolate *World best chocolate which cost more than my bags*
and the bottle of La Tour.
*pronounced as Ler Tu-wuah*
Next came pizza
I was like pizza????

Suckling pig pizza....
farking good!!!
Leroy Ruchottes-Chambertine
Pengsan!!! grand Cru sumore....
Then came a lovely pasta
alio olio with crabmeat
We also brought another bottle
Chambolle Musigny 2004
Pasta in tomato based sauce with seafod

I think JS's tomato based pasta is so much more tastier!!!!
La Tache 1992
comes with serial number 00675
SGD 1,600

Doc: "Cherry, you are so spoilt."
Monkey: "Yes I know."

spoilt as in like spoilt tastebud,
I can never take new world wines anymore.
and I was super damn lucky to have La Tache.....lucky lucky lucky
Then we had our sole dory fish with fennel and lemon sauce
we just lurve the blind tasting game
When all the bottles were revealed,
what's the Barrolo doin there???? *the one with the odd shaped bottle*

Who brought it?
Lawrence is just too cheeky and blinded us with an Italian,
using a BURGUNDY glass!!!
Main cheating!!
our main course...
beef with some potato dunno wat...

coz by this time, I was so full...
I can't eat no more.
Doc, Lawrence, Prince C, JS
While the boys went red
Panna cotta
I never like it...but this one was ok
my stomach can't hold anymore...
I need to puke!!!
but I can't....all the good wines.....sob sob.

I still recalled there was once I had a beautiful 1982,
went home and puke!!!!
wat a waste!!!!!!
super delicious chocolate cake
Happy Anniversary to both the doctors....
thank you heaps for the excellent dinner.
We had:
Selection of Parma
Clam & mussels zuppe
Suckling pig pizza
Alio Olio pasta
Tomato seafood pasta
Sole fish
Panna cotta
Chocolate cake

and as usual the wines cost more than the dinner.
Doc the one who broke the rules and brought a La Tache.

La Strada Ristorante
1, Scotts Road,
#02-11 Shaw Centre,
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6333 9366

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