Thursday, September 20, 2007

Santaro, Amara Hotel

Last month Santaro was featured on the tele in the home of all Singaporeans.
it was some segment by Lee Kuan Yew,
One of his fav restaurant...and he usually ta pau-ed them home to cook for him.
that's the time when the restaurant is closed....

"Sorry we are closed, coz we are cooking at Mr. Lee's home."

Anyway after that segment and free publicity,
Santaro is alwiz full.

Since we are regulars,
Chef Lawrence put us in his preferred list.
And we are very well behaved customers too.
My favourite roe,
with sake and mirin and soyu.
and my fav oysters grilled with mentaiko in mayo.
Chef knows my palate well.

I have never ordered fr their menu,
in fact I've never seen their menu.

Monkey just let Chef Lawrence dictate my menu.
and I'm alwiz in for surprises.
dried FUGU fish!!!
very tasty.
and yea I have yet to purchase a "personal" plate and culinaries.
Alwiz forgot about it.
Fresh produce are flown in on every Tue & Fri.
So now u know when to makan at jap restaurant rite?
Chef Lawrence knew damn well....I HATE:
1) Scallops
2) Truffles
3) Sea urchin
4) Japanese clams
I used to lurve the above list a lot....
until JS overdone them with the above ingredients.

Hence they are now banned at home,
unless I am traveling away....
I'll find JS cooking for himself with truffles/scallops etc
I think Nee Lee is sooo gonna puke,
looking at all the raw meat above.
after the sashimi session was the "cooked food" session.
*I skipped sushi part coz stomach kenot accommodate*
grilled sanma fish
udon in radish reduction.
my fav japanese grapes served on a bed of ice.
Thank you to JS & Prince C,
for driving all the way down to the Kiasu Island,
and fetched me home to laid back Msia.

sped all the way home in the SUV,
and I dooze off like a babi.

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neil said...

Heheh... I didn't puke :P

Those fish look good, in fact... just that I'd prefer them cooked (the japs will say I got bad taste)