Monday, September 17, 2007

Connie & Alex aka Alexonnie

Yesterday was Alexonnie's wedding reception,
Brad Pitt & Angelina got their own branding: Bradgelina
Our Connie also got branding mar...
Moreover all her wedding pics looked like Angelina Jolie.

So on a Sunday evening,
Monkey & Michelle aka Sizuka sped to Seremban for the dinner.
Ass Kickin Vonne, Su San, Alexonnie, Monkey, Lu Ai Chan, Michelle aka Sizuka
all of us were in Emilio Pucci's print
and definitely not Pucci lar,
expensive lar.....

Sayang to buy,
But I do have Emilio Pucci's limited ed champagne pouch.
*kill me*
Since we don't buy original Emilio Pucci merchandise,
this is where we hang out while waiting for the guests to arrive.
squatting wif some chinese ah bengs
choosing DVDS
*slapping my forehead*
Apa tengok-tengok??
We support chinese ah bengs kenot ar???

we Emilio Pucci apparels...*okie lar pirated Emilio Pucci*
holding beautiful clutch bag and wearing stilettos
buying DVDs outside the restaurant.

WE ARE CONFIRMED breaming with self-confidence,

Bottom line is...
women kenot resist good bargain.
Su San, Lu Ai Chan, Michelle aka Sizuka, Ass Kickin Vonne, Monkey
We got ourselves seated like REAL ladies after all,
but just for full minute I think.
then we turned into camwhores
Michelle aka Sizuka & Monkey
Shaly, SuWern, Lee Yean
Super long time no see,
these are creative juniors fr my campus.

Forever and ever,
they are like sweet babies to me,
sweet, cute and fun.

Never changed for years,
whereby this old hag has become a "pat poh"
BabyEclipse, Melissa C & Monkey
It's a small world out there,
and bumped into my primary skool friends!!!

so we are all connected now:
Connie -> Babyeclipse -> Monkey -> Melissa

I lurve your top so much that I wanna rip it off u,
looks so yummy on u.

I guess we only meet in weddings eh?
Alexonnie and their parents,
toasting to the guests
Su San, Lu Ai Chan, Michelle aka Sizuka
Connie proclaimed that she's holding a glass of Vodka
which taste like H2O,
smells like one,
and alcohol content of 0%
Monkey & Ass Kickin Vonne
So fun to be with,
huggable and adorable.

Next time we go drink drink at
Nangka Bar
aka Lu Ai's-Dad -punya-homemade-bar-with-self-planted-nangka-tree-on -neighbour's-bungalow-plot ya!!!
Beautiful Bride & Su San
Finally all of us seated like well behaved skool children

Congratulations again Alexonnie,
See ya this Sunday ya!!!!

Chee muis...
we seriously need a meeting to plan!!!
Ass Kickin Vonne!!! Where ARE you?????


neil said...

connie looked soooooo lovely!

CHER-RY said...

All brides must look pretty...erm I mean Beautiful and Lovely on their big day.