Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kobe & Birthday

It was Her Royal Highness's b-day,
and Monkey got her a really nice wallet,
in her fav brick red colour.
and JS, her fav bao bei son *only son*
gave her something else in red as well.
This one...everyone's fav.....

"Do u think she'll ever cash the cheque????"
KOBE Beef, Marble 11
and we feasted with her bao bei son cooking in the kitchen.
I had so much of kobe....
drizzled with some JS's special homemade sauce.....
Eveline and the kids

A few months ago,
in May....I was still taller than them.
Now, they are so much taller than me.
thank u for cooking
all the yummylicious food.


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licheng said...

are you in India already?