Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a Doggie's life

Happy Belated 1st Birthday Girl!!
That's 7 years in human life.
Girl belongs to Eveline,
this Monkey can't keep any pets nor pests.
She can't even take proper care of herself.
yum yum yum
so darn cute...
now I FEEL like having a dog,

I might even abuse or spoil the poor animal.
either i forgot to feed him or spoil him with a Burberry hutch!!!

Better shake the idea off!!
shake it shake it.

"I want a dog."
"No. I can't stand fury animals."

"then...then I want a rabbit!!!"
"NO, that's even more fur."

So in the end no pets nor pests.
JS got me a new phone.

and forgot bout having a pet.

That was easy.
Dom dee dum.

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