Friday, September 14, 2007

Cooking with Mr Lim & Mr Yeow

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah,
*Jewish New Year*
and Monkey got a day off...
thanks to my Jewish company with Jewish bosses...
and I spent it bumming around the city.

Last Saturday....
Monkey sweat it in the kitchen with JS and Lawrence.
Lawrence: "another one??? this is the 3rd pic of WE in the kitchen!!"
Monkey: "I lurve pics of men in the kitchen....muahahahaha. So sexay."
Pretty bottle of champagne
JS the Pasta King was making some new yummy pasta with pancetta & garlic
cheap caviar!!
hence u'll need to rinse them with mirin and sake
green beautiful romaine leaves
yummy fattening carbonara
while Lawrence was roasting some Berkshire Pork with Sage
Okinawa eggs....
all the way fr Okinawa *of coz*
cost bout SGD 1.20 per egg....
to make this!!!!
with wagyu beef at the bottom
Gremolata prawns
truffles infused pasta with langoustine and caviar
my fav fresh mozzarella with roma tomatoes + baby spinanch
porkie was served with grilled jap sweet corn and apple salad
I had most of the corns
JS whipped another excellent pasta
Clams + mussels linguine in Chilies fr Nice, France + roma tomatoes
we had Pensfold Grange 95 and some other goodies which I forgot
Lazy bugger who sat and wait for food to arrive all nite long
Prince C: "I wanna eat maam-maam."
Since I sat beside him the whole nite,
I had to make sure he have enuff of this and tat.
Sayang my chef the most
Lawrence opened a stunning dessert wine
Emily brought fresh dates!!!
my very first fresh dates...
and also fresh peaches
my favourite!!!!
home made yogurt ice cream
with homemade raspberry sauce and home baked almonds
Monkey had 3 servings....
kept on passing my bowl to Lawrence to refill

Monkey: "More sauce please."
Lawrence: "Yes maam"
Monkey: "more almonds pls."
Lawrence: "OK"

JS: "No more for her after this."
JS: "3 bowls already.....enuff!!!!!!!!"
Monkey: "whine whine whine whine whine whine whine."

Looking forward to our next makan session.
Oct 07!!
Spore here I come again!!!!

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