Monday, September 03, 2007

Burnt pig


I am in a mission of spreading virus.....
coz I am not happy that I'm the only one sick.

Who wants free hugs and kisses??
it comes with free virus
which also leads to no work, lying on the bed all day,
popping smarties liked pills,
drinking sticky syrup.
saw this cute lil fella on the tree while golfing
threw him a banana....
so darn cute!!!

Yes I happen to have a bunch of bananas with me,
energy food while golfing for 4 hours
he's shy I guess...
we tee-ed off around noon
it was blarddy hot
with the sun on top of our head
I love Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club
beautiful course with mountain, sea, and of coz monkeys...
most feared player in town....
feared for his longest drive,
and temper...hahahhaha
JS won a championship on Merdeka's Day,

All black after 18 holes.....
still want to blog.
Wat the heck!!!


neil said...

get well soon! :)

licheng said...

ahh, you pulak not well? take care ah!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Gals!!! u want hugs and kisses???