Friday, September 28, 2007

Fukuya, Authentic Japanese Restaurant

There U got ME!!!
almost every Friday Monkey will be at Fukuya.

I dunno where to eat tonite....Fukuya???
wat to eat wat to eat wat to eat wat to eat????
Tetsuya's Truffle Salt
Just that this round I brought pressie for Chef Ando.

Chef Ando: "Aahh. Tetsuya. Australia. U.....know him???"
Monkey: "oh no...hehehehe."

Chef Ando: "My friend. CK. Knows him very well. In Sydney. Great Chef. Tetsuya in Malaiseee?"
Monkey: "No. Coming. Soon. In.....Singapore Chef. At the. Casino."
yummy jap mushroom
fish liver
this was delicious~~~~~
tomato + corriander roots + garlic + lime salsa sashimi!!!
Who would have thought???

After all the appetizer,
we were ready to order.
sashimi platter
yeah I know looked like a garden~~~~

we had:
baby lobster
deep fried aji bones
Chef Ando's special creation
Hotate with Onni and super fresh salmon roe

I saw him dissecting the salmon for its roe~~~
lobster soup
when it comes to crustacean
I am lazy to makan.
steamed Mebaru
in soyu, mirin, sake.
garlic friend rice.

Saw Fukuya in Malaysia Tatler...
and their website is up!!!!
How often do u see restaurants advertising in mag??????

go visit it:

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