Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me again

I stepped down fr the SUV,
it was drizzling,
a sweet gal in her japanese robe,
ran to me in her cute wooden japanese clogs,
clutching an umbrella...
which looks like those paper umbrella whereby u burn for those wandering spirits...

No wonder JS insist boldly,
he didn't want any umbrella.

Monkey walked along the corridor leading to the japanese house.
"Welcome back Ms. Cherry"
"Good evening Ms. Cherry"

I feel odd,
I enjoy creeping quietly into a restaurant,
and crawling out with a huge stomach,
without all the "masse" and "mass"
not even "terima kasih"
special complimentary appetizer fr Chef Ando
then I noticed my appetizer was different
fr the other patrons,
I have 6 selections of fresh produce,
just flown in on the same day.

and so happen that the other group who was seated beside us,
were the same ppl I met the last round.
there were only 7 seats at the counter.
so we were pretty close to hear each other's conversation.

I guess the looks we threw at each other explains,
"hey, we saw them last round."

and this round,
it was them who brought the champagne...
poached egg,
I dunno how to poach one beautifully like the above.
this time we had,
aji, sanma, squid and jap salmon.
Price varies depending on selection.
I dunno wat other fried dishes to have apart fr tempura and the stopid deep-fried oysters.
This was the best!!!
Chef Ando showed us the real thang before cooking it.
I think basically he showed us everything before putting a knife over it.
including the japanese lemon called..."yuzu" i think.

This steamed flat fish is as big as my palm only,
and both JS and me fighting over it.
RM 52
steamed jap rice with scallop,
you can choose any toppings you want.
complimentary fr Chef Ando,
Japanese grapes and Japanese melon,

"It has the sweet wine taste in it."
yes we thank him graciously and telling each other.
damn exp too...one pack consisting of maybe 30 grapes for like RM 50
and Santaro Spore charges SGD 20 for one piece of melon,
JS had a kiddie dessert,
Japanese Mochi RM 12
White = vanilla
Green = green tea
purple = lavender

I'll definitely return,
apart fr Kampachi at Equatorial KL
Anyone tried Benkay at Nikko yet?
lemme know.


licheng said...

was considering going to Benkay with my VP's the last time, but end up for local fare on Petaling Street..hehehe..heard Benkay is good though.

neil said...

Any more frequent your visits and they will let you use your own chairs (in addition to plates / bowls / chopsticks / etc) hehehe :P

CHER-RY said...

Kindergarten Chai: I'll be trying soon and will let u know. *wink wink*

Nee Lee: why didn't I thought of that!! But I have my usual seats already...tee hee hee.