Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hungry Ghost

Pic stolen fr Nee Lee

I think this Ghost Fish is not hungry at all...
coz it has got a yellow mushroom *with a halo*
and a big durian.

Nee Lee really got the mood to draw her fishes with festive season
does hungry ghost month count as festive season????
tee hee hee..
pardon me...
I'm a banana in Msia.

But this is the month,
when the so called "hell gate" break loose
err... I mean it's open once a year for 14 days

for those wondering souls, spirits, watever...
to creep into our
to WAT ar?????
*actually I have no idea what is it about*

All I know is...
Monkey was refrained fr goin out late at nite,
to be home by 7pm???? *my ass*
no nite outings with frenz *bohohohohohohohoho*

well that was when I was still young & naive.
even now that I am still young & naive *ahem*
I am still stucked to those rules....
embedded by the elderly into my mind.

Prollie that's why I missed Gwen Stefani last nite.
All I did was playing her songs over and over again in my Ipod.
by the way no kaki to go with.

Anyway I went out last nite...
God Bless everyone and good day ahead.

PS: Nee Lee, let me know once this festive season is over...I am too dumb to read the lunar calendar. Thanks.
PPS: Read more about the "don'ts" of this festive season at Nee Lee's blog *here*

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neil said...

I presume the monkey almanac says today is auspicious for blogging about ghosts :D