Friday, August 10, 2007

Child's play

a few days ago,
Monkey had the privilege
to finger *euuuw wat a word*
mess and molest Mr President's iPhone.

It involves a lot of finger works...
u'll know why later.

Mr. President was one of the few VIPs
to get their iPhones fr Mr. Jobs...
without having to queue and camp outside the stores.

Ceh just bcoz u r his friend..
well that's wat friends are for...
Everyone make friends with me now!!!
coz I wanna scrape some benefits here n there!!
DUH!!!Anyway the phone did not look as impressive as the above...
It looked like this when it's IDLE.....
bored lil thang....

"Hey darlin, I've got my iPhone already!!!"
"Where is it? I didn't see you using it"
"It's in my room. Let's go and get it."

so Alex the Ah Beng yelped and followed
coz Sporeans
are just so KIASU...
they just wanna be the 1st in everything.
*well actually it's a good thing!!!*
and so for the next 30 minutes,
both of us ignored Mr. President...
and paid full attention to his iPhone.

I am sure u folks know wat this lil baby can do.
*frankly I am just to dumb to explain on its technical specs*

the interface is seriously COOL
and its sensor is soooooo sensitive towards touch..
hence a lot of finger works...
u must direct it wisely otherwise u'll end up having high blood
coz it won't do wat u want it to!!
it also toggle automatically
every time when you toggle the phone vertically..horizontally...

Mr. President luffed at both of us,
when Alex the ahBeng & Monkey's head toggle together with the phone...
browsing tru all his personal hot pics!!!

the quality of its sound is AMAZING!!!
and he has tonnes of nice songs....:)

Alex the AhBeng & Monkey's head moving left and right...
left and right....
then the shoulders..

"Hey guys, turn down the volume. You don't wanna scare folks behind ya."
"This baby is so cool man."
"Can I have it???" *puppy face*
"NoooOOOOoooo I WANT IT FIRST!!!!"
*giving me the blood shot eye look*
Anyway the size is as big as its price tag.
Mr. President compared it with his current Sony Ericsson.
*i dowan to say which model....ok....i am too dumb to tell which model it was.*

Functionality wise...
still needs a lot of improvement,
so Mr. President is just using this as a camera, music player...web browser,
while maintaining his current phone.

After arguing like forever....

"U guys can't have won't function here in Spore nor Msia."

Yea we forgot,
the service provider won't be able to support it.
Unless we are using it to play music, its camera bla bla bla...
just like Mr. President.

Fair and square...
Alex the ahBeng no have..
Monkey oso no have.

Anyway there are plenty of things to fight over later on.

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