Monday, August 27, 2007

Life is a plate of Dorayakis

May I present u....

*in Doraemon's voice for full effect*
(Doraemon's Beans/Nuts doughnut)
Dorayaki with peanut butter and red beans
I dunno why they translated it to donut *doughnut*,
when Dorayaki is a pancake.
but the usage of "kacang" is correct
coz it defines both beans and nuts
*the red beans and the peanuts*

If you are rajin u will make 2 pieces of pancakes
and sandwich the fillings in between,
when u are lazy u will just do the above.

since u are on a strict diet,
u can only look at the pics.
Doraemon and friends
Everyday in our life,
we meet with Mr.Problems & Mrs. Challenges,

though we do not have "Pintu Suka Hati!!"
nor "Lampu Suluh Kebenaran!!"
do not fret...

just bring out the Doraemon in you,

What I'm trying to say is...
do not give up in life,
have hope and faith,

and most of all believe in yourself.
just don't be a whiner like "Nobita"
nor big bully like "Giant"
or lazy bum like "Shinyu"

*see it's a good cartoon k!!*

If all fails...
then just go and watch Doraemon.
*it's a good cartoon OK??*

Have a good week ahead folks!!

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