Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore

"Mate, u celebrating with burgs tonite?"
"I am still working in the office............"

Singaporeans work super long hours.
I don't understand either.
I guess ppl who are trapped in small islands are prone to tat.
incl Hong Kong.
Coz there's no where to go.
Lawrence made this at home!!
Looks like fr the kitchen of Chef Gunther.

Anyway Gunther left Les Amis at Scotts Road
and opened his own restaurant.
That's another long long story.

36 Purvis Street 01-03
Tel: 65 6338 8955

So JS wanted to cook another stormy tornado dish for me,
and got me to get his groceries fr Culina Singapore.
*while he was in Msia*

Monkey went to pick everything up and paid the total amount.
The kobe, caviar, japanese seaweed, truffles salt...
were already packed nicely for me to go.
Total: SGD 354

Why so exp???
When I reached home,
JS showed me his damn caviar is already SGD 255.

Wah!!! apa ini wor?
so mahal!!!
and it smells....funny.
Sheryl got this during her visit to Manila.
Thanks dear...

I didn't know there are ppl in MANILA
who share the same name as Monkey.

Wat do they serve at chinese fastfood outlets???
Why do u call it express when it's already a fastfood place?

I guess in Manila,
ppl are alwiz in a hurry...
thanks to the infamous jam.

By the way Sheryl...
How was the wedding?
I mean your bro's wedding.
Sambal Petai
Damn good I tell ya,
I had it twice last week.

and it's easy to make...
errr...maybe easy for him but never for me.
I am good at eating only.

Planning my weekends now....FINALLY.

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