Tuesday, August 14, 2007

from Whores to SLUTS

CAMERA SLUTS that is....

Read bout it *here*
starring the same...
Nigelia, Alexandria and Brie
B! & Nij
Last Sat, we had a Unusual meeting at Havanitas,
Normally CORUM & RAPR have their meetings at..

Why lar?
we hate that damn place so much!!!
Meeting to discuss on.....
Hey u "ladies" like Bacardi Limon eh?
Say lar....next time i buy @ duty free.
B! was Mr.Messy that nite.
No matter how messy he is...he won't be one lar.
B! is so proper all the time...
Nij and Monkey
the name Nigelia is soooo the you lar!!

Hey u ladies...I mean guys...
Is it compulsory to wear a diamond earring
while you are working for your company???

anyway they lurve to slut around...
with my camera that is.....
Alex da Martian (Alexandria) and Monkey

"Euuuuuuu....I look so......another one."

after another one...
"No....one more."

after like dunno how many.......1 2 3 4 5 6
"I hate your camera."

It's how u look lar mate!!
okie lar...
at least there's one nice one...
B! & Alex
after a few drinks...
I lurve them...
coz they forgot to slap me whenever I'm a pain in the ass.
Messy me and Alex
B!: "Where's Alex?"
Monkey: "Upstairs."

After a while
Nij: "Where's Alex?"
Monkey: "Upstairs.....-_-"

Hot chick 1: "Where did Alex go?"
Monkey: "UPSTAIRS!!" *blows hair*

When everyone was high on booze...
they asked me the same thing again...
"Where's Alex??"
"He's over the other side."

"Where's Alex?"

Hey bro,
U asked us out to watch u work izzit?
nabe nabe....

No wonder that bugger was asking u for ICE!!!
Charlie's Angel....
Zoom in again...
this look so....so salah lar.
why ar?
Wat were u saying???
I'm okay??
Hey folks!!!
I think I prefer all of u not smiling when taking pics
goin down the drain already

I have a feeling that I'll be cincang-ed alive later.

Anyway I had fun with u guys..
except the diapers baby crowd,
the 2nd class crowd,
the different class crowd..

But I don't mind the camera sluts crowd...
just that they tend to abuse me camera.
and they are lovely
esp when asked to pose...

It's still not too late to start the
2008 calendar boys thingys...

I can be the photgrapher and stylist..
I have a nikon D70 too!!!
one more last pic!!!


Anonymous said...

I vote for this post to be taken down!! It's defamation!! It's posted without my permission!!

CHER-RY said...

Chill la....

Anonymous said...

You can keep the photos of Alex though...I agree he looks gay as well =P

Bry™ said...

Hahahahah.. *speechless*

CHER-RY said...

Nij: You look cool k. Say hi to Suzanne there.

B!: Speechless in a +ve or -ve way?

Hey Alex, your comrades are asking me to remove everything cept your pics. How lar mate?

fingerstorm said...

Those F%#@!ng traitors!!! Just leave it posted there all of em.. Nij can say I look gay.. but Who is the one with the open shirt chest baring thang!!?


fingerstorm said...

oh..btw Bry... ur pic in ur profile thang.. is soooooooooo.......... I dunno.. Dumbfounded


CHER-RY said...


Sure thing mate. I will keep it posted.

oooOooo, I wanna watch Charlie's Angels tonite. Anyone?