Saturday, August 04, 2007


It came and went,
and I'm glad it's over,
3 more to go.

I need more batteriessssszzzZZZZZzzz.
Me and B!
This guy neva throw tantrum,
very nice to stress n pressure him,

but sumtimes makes u dowan to stress him at all!!
coz he won't be stress anyway.
What a stress?!?!?!
beautiful CS in red,
and red sandals...
with her red lined Prada bag.
Dress code was.....nautical white.

I'm terribly sorry about your bag.
Blame it on their "ada standard punya staffs"
Rest be assured, that matter will be in my love letter to them.
Alex da Martian
*sorry, too many alexes around"

Both of us are definitely example...
of employees with high standard,
high commitments,
high dedication,
and of coz high IQ and EQ power...

and most of all
with the most important organ...

Alex the Ah beng and Jack my neighbor
the lovers fr Singapore.

"Where's my baby Alex?"
shouting to my ears all the time
William who did my artistic work.
print works, creative merchandising.
Thanks so much babe!

"Is the sand natural enuff? Can? Can I put the ropes here?"
William sulked, then added:
"U've already did my job....I dunnit to cari makan already!!"
yeah....u know who...
with his flashy shirt and chunky jewelries,
and a cute slim cut blue pants with nemo on it.

Kee: "That butch kept on staring at your boobs you know??"
Monkey: "Doesn't matter, it's not your boobs. Why u care?"
Kee: "I think she wants to ** with you lar"
Monkey: -_- "

Small Sylvia and Mommy Jacky
I looked so tired here,
Can't pose no more.

Thanks ppl....heaps
for coming and at least tried to dress in white.
Hope u enjoyed the nite.

and I am glad no one came in popeye the sailorman suit,
but I can't be bothered much with those in "ah lian" suit.
they are not my guests anyway.

My guests do not disgrace themselves,
by arguing with my staffs,
and fight for more door gifts.
yeah..."plek tee num" guests.
*rolls eyes*

Thank you TEAM!!!
u know who u are..

Work not finish for me yet,
another nite of dismantling works,
spending time with some drunk ass hole. *again*

The big one's coming next week,
Mr Al Gore in town,

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