Thursday, August 23, 2007


*click on the the above for larger pic*

just something to amuse myself when I'm bored.
It's known that I mencaci others to make myself happy at times.
In this case,
they deserved to be caci-ed.

Ok children....
Let's start our England lesson.

Based on the above visual/picture/photo taken
at a prestigious 5 star shopping gallery
boasting the first of its kind in the world
with bla bla bla *ok enuff of promotion here*

sorry lar...this monkey too many words she doesn't und!
very bombastique fantastique england in the terms and conditions.

but then hor....I knoe ar..
when to use comma, full stop, big cap etc.
This one montessori teacha tot me one wor.

Also when to use "articles", "prepositions" and "conjunctions"
yes I know ,
it's complicated but didn't we all learn that in school??
I mean Skool!!
*sorry folks, I forgot to maintain my england*

and we have yet to explore further into
the usage of the above...
take "conjunctions"

there are Correlating conjunctions,
Subordinating conjunctions,
and Correlative conjunctions.

It's important bcoz it links words, phrases or clauses.
*I mean knoe*

Anyway this T&C *that's terms and conditions u stupid*
sounded like it was translated by a retard
from another language to english.

Then sumone reminded me...
"yes it was written by retard(s) for retards"
ok...then I shouldn't be reading it
nor blogging bout it..
that will make me a retard...
I am soooooo gonna purchase this
for their anniverssary/watever retarded celebration.
hmm.....Merdeka sounds good.
It's next week.

Hey by the way,
my friend's daughter can spell A-P-P-L-E
when she's 3.5 years old!!!!

not A-P-L-L-E
*notice anything wrong???*
when the median age of U RETARDS are at 35!!!

dom dee dum
another glorious day for a glorious person like me.


neil said...

pity poor bee ree has to put up with such englandish...

CHER-RY said...

my engrish very keng...dun play play.

neil said...

proud am so ree I you of bee

CHER-RY said...

Now I have to put up with YODA-liked English.

speak I shall......zeng zeng zeng.