Thursday, August 16, 2007


I decided to give Fukuya another visit
Complimentary appetizer fr Chef,
octupus in ponzu sauce with a dash of wasabi.
sashimi plate..
just choose fish/shell fish/crustaceans,
and will be presented well on a plater.
The Aji bones were not spared...
deep fry them.
This was my favourite
Grilled egg plant with two type of miso on top.
everything was sooo.....caramelised.
grilled sanma fish...
I never like it bcoz it is bitter!!!
Someone lurve it so much
that it came out clean
I totally hate sea urchin now.
He's frowning coz...
"I don't wanna be photographed!!!"

I just wanna capture your timepiece ler....
JLC World Time. Nice rite?
Another person who doesn't wanna be photographed...
Chef Takao Ando...
everyone also camera shy..
no wonder I'm classified as cam-whore.
crispy salmon skin sushi..
I prefer rolls though.
dunno what leaves are these...
soft shell crab tempura...something very ordinary.
fried oyster...
I think I prefer them raw.

Nee Lee is sooo gonna say "euuuuu" while reading this.
and of coz garlic fried rice
corkage = RM 50++
I have a dozen of Moet sitting at home,
not in my wine chillers,
but space.

Wat to do...I bought 5 for event,
and SOMEONE bought 12 at home..

U wanna prove who can get better price izzit?
anyway those 5 for event still intact...
sitting ugly in my server room.
and NO i am never a Moet person.
JS playing around with chef's highly prized sashimi knife.

Great thing bout sitting at the sashimi counter is..
u can disturb the chef when he's at work,
ask a gazillion of questions...

I think he almost wanted to slice us of for his appetizer.
Nope, we won't make good sashimis

Anyway details of Fukuya *again*
Authentic Japanese Cuisine
No.9 Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
606 2144 1022

Nope folks...
I don't get paid for the above.

But it's a nice and cozy place
with great food and ok service,
beautiful settings,
and private rooms.

Great to hold exclusive previews and events too.


neil said...

nee lee used to your eat-raw-slimy-stuff posts liao, so no "euuuuu".

fried oyster == oh jien. *yum yum* I am sooo going to get some oh jien this weekend when I'm in Muar. hahahahah

CHER-RY said...


U goin to Muar? Their "oh jien" is good??? I alwiz thought it's Malacca and Penang who got the best "oh jien" in the whoooooooooOOOoooole Malaysia.

neil said... least better than any oh jien we can get around here...

I looooove Malacca oh jien. Penang oh jien never tried yet :P