Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend with Miss Monkey

Weekends are meant to rejuvenate...
relax....catch up with social life,
and most of all..
sleep late.

I was the champion of all,
when I was a lil notti monkey..
sleeping till the sun shining high on my head.

People in the household used to take turns,
to wake me up from my coma.
to ensure that I take my regular meals,
I don't miss my music class, art class, tuitions.
*but for sure I never miss going out with my friends*

then gradually,
everyone in the household gave up.
so lil Monkey can be a comatose for as long as she wants.

Now.....I rarely have the chance to be one.
or infact, even when I tried so hard.
I will just wake up at 6.30......
Siew Mai

Guess I am chinese after all!!
I lurve dim sum *all the time*
but only on weekends....
I have the luxury of time enjoying my food.
Rather than gobbling down while reading emails and answering the phone.
*and blogging of coz*
Taiping pohpiah

Sometimes I have this...
but Malacca's Nyonya pohpiah still the best.
Nasi Lemak

No matter how chinese I am..
I am more of a Malaysian.
Move over dim sum!!!!
my shopping list for the weekend.

I have to admit I am a very ineffective shopper,
buy wat u want today, and buy wat u want tmrw...tomorrow.
*I guess the reason fridge is overloaded*
*blame it on the sauternes, the dessert wines, the shoju, the sake, the beers, and YES the 11 bottles of champagnes!!!!*

BSC or Village Grocer at BVII are my fav place to do groceries,
Anyway couldn't find SUMAC,
it's some mediterranean spice for salads.
So replaced with Za'atar *some middle eastern spice*
which has some % of SUMAC in it.
I dunno wat to cook dy,
hence a not so creative dinner..
homemade beef burger with baked potatoes in tabasco and lime juice.
and humous for the beef patties' base.
the Za'atar gave the tomatoes, flat leaf parsley and salad onions some lift.

"Oh! We are having kiddy dinner today???"
"What do u mean by kidde HAH????????"
Strawberry lassi
I think my food processor is not meant to blend ice+yogurt+strawberries
it didn't came out smooth.

Anyway JS made the above,
so far we had banana lassi, strawberry lassi...
and my fav got to be Pakistani Mango Lassi.

What to cook this weekend???
greek pie??

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