Tuesday, August 21, 2007

of shoe racks & wine racks (Chillers)

Monkey & JS were discussing,
which wine to bring out for dinner.

"We'll have Cyril Hensckhe 1970!!"
"What's the special occassion??"

"Nope, the wine is too old, I'm scared that it will turn bad!!"
"Go and check with trader first."
after checking.....
we found out that it can still do another 2 more years of cellaring.
but we have nothing else interesting to drink.
so JS was still convincing me to open this bottle.

"hmmm, in a few more years time, there will STILL be good stuffs in the chillers."
"old stuff will have to go to make way for new ones. Otherwise not enuff space."
"erm...sounds like my shoes rack. I just cleared 4 old ones to make space for another 5."

off topic:
my shoes were everywhere at home and JS almost trip on them everytime he walks by...
last Sat when I was purchasing another pair....he just said: NO
I can't believe it that was the first time he said no to me
even when I was paying for it.....he was asking "do u think u have space to store them?"

there u go...he rest his case.
but we had another bottle.
Notes fr sommelier:

I think basically wines fr Margaux are sweet.
I still have a 1980 magnum bottle occupying lotsa space in the chiller.
not so interesting unagi + scrambled egg
I prefer their prawn appetizer.

but Chef Takashi Kimura is a genius,
he alwiz have something new in his Einstein brain.
by the way he was one of Tetsuya's student.
Zuke Ohtoro of Tuna with Tonburi & Wakame
I was trying to shake my camera like those shaky gel-liked thing on the plate.
Don't like!!
Tak Sedap!!!
my main - angus beef in bacon jus
this place is halal....
it's beef bacon folks.

I was alarmed at its portion!!!!
and gave an alarming look when served.

I guess it was so apparent coz my fav waiter said:

"It's only 160gm of meat."
"......O_O.......(still wide eyed look)"
then he was trying to explain....
below are stacks of potatoes and korean mushrooms.
Anyway JS's wagyu beef....was alarmingly small,
but I don't like wagyu....no beef taste but with good texture.
my fav caramel with a pinch of sea salt and choco truffles
no dessert for us....
dunno who's on diet now.
Roger Dubuis - Golden Square
superrrrrrrr nice watch.
only at Swiss Union.

hah!!! I managed to get his pic without him noticing!!!
he must be ogling at red hair chick next table...
actually more like the bottle of wine they were having.

so he treasures his wines,
me and my shoes...


neil said...

buy another shoe rack and stack it on top of your original one hahahah

CHER-RY said...

U know my shoe rack was built-in rite? stack to where??? my kepala?

Now most of them are lying near the main entrance. Easy for me to choose which pair to wear every morning lar...

easy for someone to get tripped too. I ought to put a hazardous sign there.

neil said...

oh ya... I forgot the built-in part. heheheh :P