Thursday, August 02, 2007




staying awake and not sleeping,
monitoring construction and installation work,
round the clock,
goin back to office 9-6
and the cycle continues...

I swear,
one more nite,
I will need to go to the hospital,
to replenish my blood...
Nose bleed everyday!!
*heatiness, no sleep, no proper food, no water*

How to look pretty and smiley colgate face tonite?
How to look nice for photo shoots?
How to be a gracious host tonite? to my distinguished 300 guests???

I must must must survive.....

But first, I need some sleep....
yeah doozing off on an ugly couch with gazillions of bacteria on it,
*we now proudly call them The Sultan's chair*

and the noise of vacuum cleaner round the gallery,
with workers walking up and down,
hammering and drilling away.
Not a good idea.

I guess I don't mind the rest,
it's more of the "The Sultan's" Chair.
and Alex is snoozing cuddly *more like coma* there on His Royal Highness's chair.
poor chap, no sleep for more than 48 hours.

and someone just text me
that He has majestically awaken fr his comfy bed,
and preparing for 18 holes of game.
*not fair not fair not fair*

something came up,
I need to slaaaaaappppppp so many ppl today,
got to conserve all the energy.
Till then folks.

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