Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Global Brand Forum

Monkey is back...
my flight took 2 hours yesterday.
Thank you so much Malaysia Airlines.

I need to apply Kris Flyer now...
coz I will be flying with SQ next.
We were not allowed to snap any pics during the conference/forum,
only those licensed and professional photographers...
are allowed to run/skip/hop/jump/do watever they want including lying on the flooor
to get the best shot.
without any security personnel hauling them aside.

Security was very tight,
coz so many leaders were there.
Chris da boss was late on 2nd day of conference..

Alex: "Where's Al Gore?"
Monkey: "There......he's walking in with a gazillions of bodyguards."
Alex: "No I mean...our Msia's Al Gore."
Monkey: "hahahahahaha"
Mr. Al Gore gave a very strong message and speech...
conserve our environment,
take care of's dying.
For our Children.

A good company delivers good products and services....but
A GREAT company delivers the above and conserve the environment.

the rest of it was..
GReen green green green green green green green green...
green green green green green green green green.
Yeah i guess it's too much of green.
Nigel Parson, MD of Al Jazeera.

During the panel of got very sensitive.
Instead of discussing on global branding....the crowd went asking about..
"How did you get the beheading videos?"
"What are your links to the Al Qaeda?"
"Were u funded by them?"

Al Jazeera....Al Qaeda....Al Gore...

Al = The
Jazeera = Peninsular

Get it people????
Everyday they feed us these...
Tapio Hedman, Senior VP of Nokia Multimedia...

Why do all Finnish speak like Mika Hakkinen....Kimi....
and they all have blonde hair.
and so good looking???

So they believe in "SISU" = unique combination of courage, determination, decisiveness and a lil bit of madness to be successful.

so a spore laydee rose and commented:
"We also have a concept in's KIASU"
the grand ballroom burst out luffing.
and also not to forget our very own BRAND!!!!
Dato Tony Fernadez gave an outstanding forum on branding the skies...
and got the crowd craving for more.

"Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and don't take no for an answer."
Michael da President on the right.

"OMG...your President is soooo young!!!! and good looking heheheheh."
"erm....yes he is....and he's very phenomenal too."

Everyone was expecting our President to be....errr...not old.
But ...yes OLD!!!!

He is one helluva Boss.
I can't ask for more.

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