Monday, August 20, 2007

Good morning

Finally last Sunday,
I managed to be a late Queen.
*that also coz I slept super late*

Pottered to One Utama,
to meet Cousin Jessie.

Monkey only step foot there like...
once in 3 months???

I lurve that place,
just that the traffics,
the 2 legged humans roaming in the complex,
the horrendous parkings....
tsk tsk..such a no-no.
cheese nachos for breakfast...
is really another no-no.
by the way it was 3.15pm then.
Super sleepy just awaken Monkey and Cousin Jessie
She made me smile with teeth
I don't have sparkling pearly white teeth lar darlin.
thank u to coffee.
We were not wearing the same top by the way,
When we were young,
everyone thought we were sisters/twins *WTF!!*

but wat to do...
my mom was deprived of barbie dolls when she grew up..
that she mistaken us as barbies...
and made us dress the way she liked...
with all those sweet lolly colour dresses,
with ribbons here and there and...yikes
I don't wanna recall.

and my GAWDDD....our hair...
no wonder we've been having prob with school discipline teachers
with all the painted nails, multiple earrings and over stylish hair for a student.
okie..past tense.
Anyway I really do missed all those growing up thingy,
and my oh my...we grew up too fast..
with you getting married in 2 months time.
I feel like slapping my forehead.
*piak piak piak*
and how could u make me work the most on your wedding?!?!?!?

I wanna sit back and enjoy,
and not be the emcee,
the organiser,
the person who will direct all your multimedias,
the person to take care of all your chee-muis.
and most of all the, play the stopid piano on your big DAY!!!

in front of all the uncles and aunties..
I'll do anything...but that!!!

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