Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chateau Palmer, 1970

Dinner with the boys is alwiz bout the wine,
not the food.
They get so excited on which baby to bring out,
and ponder on its vintage as well.

"Chateau Palmer or du cru Beaucaillou?"
"hmm......I want some bubbly that's all."
and continually to scan his wine chillers.

Since there's only 3 of us,
we compromised on a bottle of excellent bordeux,
and a baby krug champagne (half bottle at half the price, cun eh?)
Every Friday,
there's new shipment of fresh produce,
and we had tasmanian oysters.
*when u asked men to take pics of food, it will alwiz end up like the above*
Fresh oysters are best eaten at a certain degree - slightly chilled,
not too cold and u don't want it warm either!!!

Shucking an oyster requires a lot of determination and passion (?!?!?!?)
I can't even shuck those huge japanese clam....
just let those experts do it!!!

Both JS and Prince C can shuck them at a speed u can't imagine!!
the amount of skills involved is enormous,
all thanks to Chef Jean Francais.
who gave them free lessons in his kitchen.
sashimi of turbot fish with ooni,
Always ask for recommendation,
coz they have lots of nice yummy food
which are not in the menu.
and trust the restaurant manager.
this one u must trust me!!!
unagi + foie gras
slow roast rack of lamb
I forgot to snap wat did the other 2 had.
Some pasta I think!!
We were so obedient this time,
got it rested for more than 3 months,
the patience involved were worth it.

Sommelier's note:
"full bodied, intense, firm and tobacco...."
of coz he described it beautifully, not like the above.
which I won't be able to emulate in a thousand years!!!!

U won't believe its colour,
dark and there's still smooth tannin in it!!
Though ready and matured to drink....
Mr. Sommelier informed that we can still keep this baby,

OMG, it's older than me!!
still can do a few more years of cellaring.

"Errrrr, we only have one and only one bottle!!!"

Both JS & Prince C had most of it,
Since stooopid monkey requested for champagne,
I have to finish most of it.

coz JS is not a champagne fan,
Prince C hated Krug,
he only drinks Dom Perignon.

and we had our usual dessert,
They knew what we gonna have already,
I will try not to be so predictable in the future.

No time for Cilantro this week,
By the way,
I've done everything in my "No Time" to do list,
posted last week.

Let's see what I'll accumulate this week,
*procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate*

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