Monday, July 09, 2007

Anya Hindmarch

I called Anya Hindmarch to book my bag,
2 weeks earlier..

"Sorry, we do not take reservations."

Means, I have to get it fr the boutique on 6th July.
and Monkey is bound for a 9am flight to SIN on 6th morning.

"Pleeeeassseeeeee....." *wink wink wink*
"Ok ok ok, I'll get it for you on Friday morning."
So sweetttttt. He cancelled his golf game. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"Okie, I want two bags."
Raising his eyebrow, "How much izzit?"
Knowing that the average price of Anya is RM 3k - RM 5k.
*JS is damn metrosexual I tell ya*

"It's only 55!!"
"Wat??? 55??? I'll get u ten of those."
"Thannnnnkkkk youuuuu baby!!!!"

dom deeee dum...
so on Friday the 6th of July...
Mr. JS went to have his breakfast as usual.
Reached San Francisco Coffee at 6.50am, HE FROZED.
and quickly text me.

"WHHHHAAATTTTTT!!!!! it's not even 7 in the morning????????"
By this time, I know i have super slim chance.
But I did not give up.

"I've interviewed them, they started queueing since last nite."
he added, "the lady who's queueing near the Center Court was there since 2.30am."

"Who's on the front then?"
"Mostly sotongs." (sotongs = gays = homos)
*what a way to describe these wonderful creative stylish ppl*

"Can u buy them coffee and ask them to help u?"
*Sotongs find JS super attractive, all the time....*
Anya Hindmarch boutique in KLCC

"Can u ask some of your hobbits (his staffs) to queue up for u?"
"They must work...HMPH!!!"
The crowd grew larger,
up till the other end of KLCC = Ramlee end
*Anya is at the Ampang Mall end*

By 9.30am,
the queue took a U-turn at Coffee Bean in Ramlee Mall.
Yes U-turn and went all the way to Center Court.
I don't believe it....
so JS got his hobbits to report every hour to me,
with pics as evidence.
For the 1st time ever,
KLCC management had to deploy their security.

okie lar,
I know u tried your best to get that stooopid bag for me.
Monkey will probably get it on e-bay then.

Coz everywhere sold out incl HK & Taiwan.
Next destination to launch - Japan.
Anyone goin to Japan???

Tracie!!!! Pls help me!!!
Singapore - August 18th


neil said...

sai mmm sai ar these kl ppl??? what is sooo special about the bag anyway? how different is it from the one I sewed in KH class when I was 13? hahahahahahh :P *ignore me*

CHER-RY said...

U can sew a bag??? Amazing!!

neil said...

It's my KH project la :P

CHER-RY said...

all my KH project were sent to my personal tailor. hehehhe....shhhhhhh.