Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Fish in Fish Curry

sing a long with me...

Coz today is Friday,
and Thursday fish all pepped up to partay!!!!!
yeah she even got a dainty fish bag....awwwww....

But I dunno why is the mushroom following her.
Nee Lee, pls explain.
Anyway JS made fish curry....minus the head.
coz he was afraid this monkey may choke herself,
with all bones, and more bones....and bones..
but i thought that's the best thing in fish head curry!!!
Another important ingredients in indian cooking - onions
and his secret ingredients
which is no longer secret now that I am posting here
fenugreek, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves
fry till they release its flava.
then add in the other ingredients
tomatoes and the curry powder
these muddy juice is actually tamarind juice
I dunno wat u call these,
sautee the brinjal and okra before adding into the curry,
otherwise all will be smashed up when u cook them together.
yeah I like my curries loaded with vege and not fish,

and sautee more onions and curry leaves to garnish on top!!
not to forget,

It's not fried,
oily and messy and fattening.
just run it over the gas stove.
that's how they cook it in India.

Thursday Fish needs to go partay partay today,
but work first.....

Have a good weekend folks,
and don't drink and drive,
but drive and drink.



neil said...

I also ngam ngam notice the mushroom there only :P

Your fish curry look so nice la... even without the fish head hahah

CHER-RY said...

Thanks Nee Lee. If u want the recipe, I will forward to you.

Your yellow mushroom followed your fish all the time, just like DIGI "I will follow uuUUuuu..." Sumore yellow colour wor!!