Monday, July 30, 2007

I lurve Edwin Saw

Time to mend my bird nest,
and off to Saw Salon.

You won't believe what I did to my hair,
or WHAT Edwin did to my hair!!!

I didn't bring my camera,
so no pics of the process,
no pics of hair on the floor, *yeah i had it cut*
no pics of stylish Edwin at work.

Edwin was the creative director of Michaeljohn in LONDON,
before setting up his own salon in KLCC 2 years back.
*translates to.....he styled celebrities ie.Tony Blair, Spice Girls*

Take my advise,
DO NOT COMPROMISE with any other stylist,
ask for no one but EDWIN himself.

After some consultations,
we decided to make it short.

"What's your profession? U ok with funky hair? How short can u take?"

Do wat u want,
my boss won't fire me!!!

anyway he played it safe,
just in case I will cry and throw tantrum,

SNIP SNIP here and off u go boring hair!!
Coloured it with amazingly not one but 4 colours!!!

"Careful with my new shirt. It's GUCCI."
the assistant backed off.

"I'm gonna diieeeeee coz Msia don't sell GUCCI & Prada apparels anymore!!"
"Yeah, go to Spore then."
"That's what I did."

after another round of hair and colour treatment,
I still can't see much.

"I lurve your hair......such bounce!!!"
Monkey smiles

"It's such a waste you've been keeping it long."
"yeah playing innocent and elegant."

Holding his scissors high,
"You ready for this?"

after snipping for 1.5 hours....
he looked at the almost done hair
"soooo muuucccchhh of haaaaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr"

then another 30 minutes gone by
"ooooo it's fab!! It's sexay. I lurveeee it. U like it??"

it is absolutely yummy.

"You promise me that u must blow bob your hair, kay?"
monkey nodded

"what must u do again?"
like an obedient school gal, I repeated what he told me.
"gooood, otherwise it's gonna turn frizzy."

What's the total damage?
no, I didn't have to get a bank loan,
but for colouring, treatment and styling and TIPS
and company of Edwin for 4.5 hours....
RM 750 isn't crazy.

SAW Hair Salon
Lot 401k, 4th Floor,
Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2171 1881
*reservation a must during weekends*


licheng said...

ooooooo...i wanna see how short your bob is!! :D

CHER-RY said...

It's not too short coz Edwin is afraid that I may sue him!!! wakakakaka. (Though I prefer it to be shorter)