Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fukuya, Jalan Delima

Wednesday fish looked so beaten up and errr...
even the scales is no longer shiny.

"Nee Lee, why is your Wed fish liddat?"
"It's middle of the week, tired and needs a bath."

yeah I agree,
with eye bags and smokes steaming out fr its poor head.

Whoever you are drawing,
I hope she *yeah I am damn sure it's a she* doesn't look like the above.
Yeah, Jalan Delima again,
that's near my place.

When u have no time to cook,
you pay $$$$ for ppl to cook for u,
serve u and wash all your dishes,

JS gonna ask me for his pay check soon.
I forgot to snap some pics of the place,
it was beautiful and wonderful,

The entrance is very zen with bamboo trees all over,
as u walk into its main premise,
there are 4 private rooms along its path.
Master Chef Takao Ando trained his chefs well,
they treat the food as art,
Anyone know where did he came from?
I mean which resturant prior to Fukuya?
yeah u can't see much here,
but there's actually fresh aji, jap prawns, scallops and of coz the thick slices of salmon.
Those salmon fr jap really super oily and fat,
and of coz yummy.

I am still searching for jap rest who serve fresh ocean trout in KL.
I forgot wat fish was this,
torched to perfection with sea urchin eggs on top,
cheesy yo!
u wanna test how good a jap restaurant is apart fr their fresh produce,
get them to do their classic garlic fried rice.
this one scored 85

Yeah we ate some other dishes,
which I was too lazy to get the pics
and do any review here.

Blame it on:
Bad mood + workload + stoooopid human(s) + unachievable deadlines + more stooopid ppl
thought of ordering dessert,
another test to any jap restaurant mar...

Okie taking a moment to do some off topic here:
I had the best Cherry Blossom Ice Cream in Kogetsu, Saujana.
It's really made from the flowers which only bloom a few days in April.
*yeah I had that in April, too many topics to post till forgot bout it*

but sakit gigi after that coz it cost RM 20++ for a small tiny weeny scoop.
A one time experience is sufficient for novelty stuffs like this.

Anyway JS bought truckloads of japanese ice cream fr Isetan,
My freezer is full of them but it's losing its momentum,

Monkey consume them faster than JS can replenish every 2 days,

coz I will have like 2 after dinner and sumtimes one more b4 I zzzz!!!
japanese green tea ice cream with caramelised honey sandwiched in green tea waffle!!!
ooOOoooo ecstacy.

"Can u eat with appreciation or not??"
"These ice cream cost a bomb ok?"
*yea it's more expensive than Haagen Daaz*

So in the end,
we were fighting over each other who gets to eat the yummy ones,
and JS kept on searching for the total calories in them.

"Okie this one only 127. U take this."
"Tak mau, I want that creamy one."

"275!!!! U sure or not? I can take it for u."
"NO WAY!!!! It's MINE!!!!"

anyway details of Fukuya


Authentic Japanese Cuisine
No.9 Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
606 2144 1022

Highly recommended for its ambience and freshness!

PS: those jap ice cream fr Isetan also highly recommended. Price range from 7.99 - 15.99 per piece.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Ando-san was a chef at Waraku restaurant.

CHER-RY said...

Hey thanks Sherry for that piece of info. Cheers :)))