Monday, July 16, 2007

Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery

I've been eating out almost everyday,
since last week,
*no time no time no time*
so on a lazy Sunday,
fat monkey woke up late..
but earlier than "someone"

My bad habits and genes went over to him,
He now wake up as late as I do,
sleep as late as I did.

and indulge on things that I lurve...

errrr cept shopping coz it memang in his genes.

he's the best shopaholic I've ever known.

I just wished I have his "thin" gene,
eat as much as u lurve,
and still can lose weight...

"Follow me and walk 9 holes at the course everyday and u'll be fit like me."
"....*gag*....I rather go shopping or sleep...or WORK. Yes I RATHER GO TO WORK!!!"

Okie back to Luk Yu
with its open kitchen concept,
you can watch the chefs at work.

Their refrigeration is also open.
Totally unique with its glass sides,
do take note when you visit this place next.
wok fried carrot cake.
I like it when the carrot cake is burnt and caramelised.
prawns and cheese wrapped in toufu skin,
like biting into a hot-fr-the-oven-formaggio-pizza,
so sinful!!
his fav loh mai kai
and his fav scallops with dunno wat on top.
by now,
I totally hate scallops.
greens a must have for every meal.

This place is pork free,
food is alrite....
but can't beat the ass of
1) Shang Palace at Shangri-la Hotel
2) Shanghai at JW Marriott

Anyway it's cheap,
so shuddup!!!


neil said...

Pork-free dimsum may be nice, but cannot compare to pork-ful ones! heheheh (no offence to non-pork eaters)

licheng said...

muka baru bangun..hahaha

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee, U r so damn rite coz porkie dim sum is sooo tasty.

Kindy Chai, U know me well. I actually went home to sleep after that. Oink Oink.