Monday, July 02, 2007

Amy the Guan & Bill

*shake ass*
I am not gonna miss another wedding..
and I didn't...I made it!!!
*beams proudly*
Congratulations to Bill and Amy the Guan,
for they were united as husband and wife,
leading a new life,
a new beginning,
with many good things to come.
*such as gooo gooo gaaa gaa....tee hee hee*
Monkey, Alex, SMei
The red carpet preview,
When u are early..
u'll hang out at the red carpet and become camera whores.
The beautiful bride and cabana banana Monkey
I managed to catch the bride at the red carpet,
Amy arrived with such confidence though she was absolutely
not prepared for her wedding reception!!!

"I have no proper shoes on yet!! and my jeweleries!!"
*and it's 7.30pm*

Alex and Monkey in unison: "God, she IS Amy the Guan...relax as usual."
Monkey and best friend YM,
"till death to us part" applies to both of us too.

HL, pls dun kill me.
SHui & SLeng
SLeng will be the next laydee,
walking down the aisle!!

looks like we need to set up a trust fund for weddings,
not only for ang pows...but dresses, shoes, bags, accessories,
to go with all the weddings!!!
Babyeclipse, Hazel L and Monkey
Yes for those who are asking!!
that's Poh Chih aka PC aka Hazel L.
it's been gazillion years....
SHui & Kindy Sheryl
Amy the Guan is sooo gonna give me a tight slap when she hear this:

Monkey: "Kindy Sheryl, I am coming to Spore on XX for the Great Sales. Wanna have dinner together?"
Kindy Sheryl: "Aren't u attending Amy's wedding????"
Monkey: "Oh sheeeattt! I am confirmed suffering fr alzheimer."
Monkey, SLing with cute baby, CFun & Winnie seated
Look at that BABY!!!!
so darn cute!!!!!
with his big flashy eyes and sweet smile,
he never throw any tantrum nor cry,
the best part was, he allowed anyone and everyone to carry him.
very well mannered!!!

*Nee Lee, just bcoz I said the above, doesn't make me change my mind about having babies!!!*
one more shot!!
with mommy CLian in blue.

I really dunno how did she maintain a super thin, slim figure.
SLing still holding the baby there...
psstttt babe, when am I getting your summon?
the chee muis
cameraman took some time to adjust everyone into the frame.
SLing, Steph & Monkey

We forgot to re-align ourselves,
to look like traffic light.

SLing, Green....all the way out and nothing is impossible gal.
Steph, Red....beware of the red Hottie. She can be very hot tempered.
Monkey, Yellow....hmmm...very unpredictable...hahaha.
Hazel L & Monkey
from Primary 1 to high school to uni,
u neva change much.
I will alwiz remember u as the gal with pony tail...
Alfred & Hazel L
even now that u are happily married,
u are still the pony tail PC to me...
do let me know when the goo goo gaa gaa is coming!!
one more with best friend YM,
Good Luck in your next career move,
just remember to have fun along the way!!!
I think a few more years down the road,
I'll need to refer u as....Dr Low.

Truly an enjoyable dinner!!!
Another toast to Amy the Guan & Bill.


neil said...

*Nee Lee, just bcoz I said the above, doesn't make me change my mind about having babies!!!*

Bee Ree, just because you gave the above warning doesn't mean I won't mention juniors... hope they'll be flashy-eyed, sweet-smiling and sweet-tempered too... and they can call me aunty nee lee ;)

CHER-RY said...

Get Mee Mee to have many many beautiful kids so they can call you Aunty Nee Lee!!!!