Monday, July 23, 2007

No more favourite food/dish

The downside of having favourite dishes
most of the time,
or should I say everyday,
will just make it to the unfavourite list.
File Pic of blue swimmer crab raviolli fr Cilantro, Micaso Suite.

Ravioli!!! YIKES

Ravioli is the Italian version of our local "wan tan"
I was a "wan tan" person until....
JS had ravioli themed week,
and made it so many times a week!!!
File pic of prawnie ravioli fr Mr Js's kitchen
File pic of porkie ravioli in tomato based sauce fr MR JS's kitchen
File pic of grilled prawns with squid ink risotto fr Moomba, Singapore.

NOW, my favourite prawns
no longer favourite and I still have a 3 trays of frozen huge prawns,
sitting in my freezer,
pressie fr NC.

See lar, this monkey lurves prawn,
till ppl give them as pressie.
File pic of seared scallop with confit of japanese corns and dunno wat, fr Moomba, Singapore.

Scallops is another no-no...
Mr. JS used to buy them everyday and made it sashimi style,
and sprinkled truffles salt on top.
File pic of foie gras with hokkaido scallops (yikes) served with tonnes of white truffles on top, fr Cilantro, Micasa Suite.

Scallops - no no
Foie gras - also no, after having foie gras fried rice fr a chinese restaurant
Truffles - I hate the smell now coz Mr. JS kitchen used it too often.
File pic of scallops with sea urchin bla bla bla, fr Mr JS & Mr Lawrence kitchen.

I really do hate it now....

File pic of French Mussels in crab reduction served with lobster fr Cilantro, Micaso Suite

"What's new on the menu?"
"It's not on the menu, but today we've got shipment of fresh french mussels which is in season now. Chef said it's the best mussels in the world." *wink wink*

In the end,
both Monkey & JS fighting over the mussels.
File pic of steamed french mussels in white wine, fr Mr. JS & Mr Lawrence's kitchen.

Since now it's in season,
I'm gonna hunt for it!!!

Another thing I will not be sick forever and ever.
File pic of 4 season dessert fr Moomba, Singapore.

"What's for dessert???"
when we just sat at the table.
everyone rolled their eyes and ready to give me a lecture.

I'll never get sick of it.

Chef Leonard cook till he doesn't know wat else to create for me.

"Aren't u bored coming to my place all the time?"

"U can cook anything I will eat one!!!"

Both JS & Lawrence: "Yeah right!!"
and rolled their eyes 360 degrees.

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