Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Killer Chefs

Yeah!! Killed my stomach,
and spoilt my tastebud,

it's so discerning now that ppl think I'm such a snob.

Example 1:
Heading to food court with boss.

"U sure u wanna eat here? U can take the food here or not?"

Example 2:

Having yummy hawkers food wif colleagues.
"eeerrr, it's a bit dirty here, we hope you don't mind."


Example 3:

Suggesting to friends to eat at certain place.

"hah?? U ok with the food there or not? They don't have wines one wor."


I'm OK with food anywhere.
Last Saturday,
Killer Chefs
prepared a feast for 8 pax

but the food was enuff to feed 18 ppl.
Started off with roma tomatoes with very good fresh mozzarella and basil salad.
The cheese has no cheese smell and it tears easily.

Superb!! crabmeat pasta with tomato based sauce.
Made 500g and everyone whacked the pasta cept the crabmeat.
Doc brought a great burgundy - Chambertine
he blinded us and only Lawrence managed to get it right.
Prices for wines had increased this month...
This bottle got a 96 pointer from some reviews.
Wagyu beef - marble 9 (with the most lining of fat)
I specially requested for medium rare Next was from the maker of Leroy
Sorry folks,
I got so tipsy I totally forgotten the tasting notes of all the wines. pan seared scallop with sea urchin in the top,
served on a bed of cauliflower mash and organic peas mash.

This dish took so much of work,
Killer Chefs sure have patience. Lawrence blinded us with this and nobody got it right.
The whole nite followed with more burgundies.
french mussels steamed in white wines, excellent....Emily almost wanted to ta pau its soup!! We also had this!!! and this!!!
I think all the wines cost more than a table of gordon blue michelin dinner. I quietly opened a bottle of Moscato!!! ehheheheheh
endless chitoro meat sashimi!!! Fried rice with 10 eggs and tonnes of crabmeat....

Lawrence: "U know lack of wat?"

Monkey, JS & Lawrence in unison: "SHARK FINS!!!!! HAHAHAHA"
Lawrence & JS When these two cooks, I have to "fast" for a few days beforehand... fresh lychess for dessert!!!
everyone just crashed right after that.

Lawrence: "Hey guys, there's still toro and daikon soup!!"
Everyone: "HAAAHHH?" *and collapsed unto the sofa*
Doc sat beside me and kept pouring generously,
that I forgot how much I had.


I must control the no of drinks in the future.

*looking at my fat tummy*

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