Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Up up down down....up up away!!

Monkey been pretty down for the past weeks,
work stress work stress......
so many hats to wear.
no time to unwind.

Running 4 events in a month isn't fun.
and planning for another 3 at the same time is crazy!!
Gawwwddd, only those who are in this industry knows.

A lot of decision makings to be done last week,
which will make big differences in my life,
a different path.
I was lost.

My greatest gratitude to a "certain someone"
for giving me e-slaps and e-hugs at the same time,
and shook me to realization,

Why do I wanna salvage something beautiful that I have now,
for something uncertain,
sailing in unchartered waters.

Why do I wanna let go of things I am enjoying now,
with people whom I treasure and love.

Will I ever learn to be thankful
for everything that I have?
*I've alwiz stress this to everyone and not realizing it myself*

Will I ever learn to appreciate and give back
to those around me?
I dunno, the more I take,
the more I took things for granted.
*it's never enuff*

Life isn't a bed of roses for me....
it's a helluva MONKEY life!!!

so pleaaaseeee ppl,
don't ask for advice, I dunno how to give...
don't follow me, I'm afraid u will fall,
don't be me, u won't want to.
Just be yourself and enjoy it.

To cure my down time,
this was what I did last like my pocket is endless,
*I think now, it's more like pokai-ness*
including JS's stuffs.

Anyway *off topic* his Calvin Klein shirts,
are blarddy cheap....only SGD 55
*Yes ppl, I lurve black and white and I like pink on him*

Ok, now I've got my life back in order,
time to go full throttle at work again.
and another WOOOHOOOO. reason to celebrate but just celebrate a new beginning for me.

I need a champagne tonite,
well if I make it home before JS falls asleep.

*Sorry baby, I haven't been at home :(*

Thank u so much to that "certain someone"
U know who u are.
The man who taught me how to use double agree.
I appreciate your presence and advise.

Shhh, that's our secret!

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