Friday, July 27, 2007

I need a butler


No time to send my laundry and it's piling,
No time to buy the right white dress and event is near,
No time to fix my hair which already looking like a bird's nest,
No time to go for pedicure, massage, pamper.....

no time to send car for wash and got the rain to do the job,
no time to service the car and it's due,
no time to fill up the gas
and had to this morning otherwise the car won't move.

no time to pay my bills,
and baby had to settle everything. *thank u*
no time to call my dad yesterday,
and it was his birthday.

I'm lost for words now,
but thank u everyone for your support,
It means a lot to me.

PS: I just wished I'm that Astro guy...."I've got TIME!!!!"

PPS: Have u ppl seen the latest Astro's ad on the new "On Demand" channel? Hehehe I lurve it!!! ......ngor tai chor loooOOOoooorrrrr. (I've seen it!)

PPPS: Yeah whack me despite my schedule I have time for Astro. :P


neil said...

white dress? event??

who kahwin? :P

Bry™ said...

Hey C, use that first letter in ur name and 'chill' ;). It's gonna be over soon. We'll get through this together :).

Corum, Cherry, Chill.

Like some old Dunhill ad..

CHER-RY said...

Neil: My Company kahwin!! Wakakakaka. Do u have any to spare me???

B: Thanks B. We will get this tru. So apart fr writing releases, u r doin slogan/tagline/motto eh?

neil said...

I got no white dress wor... and I think I'll look fat in white :P