Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fat Prince C

after a month in Australia...
all he does was...
*repeat the above until all 3 words assimilate*
Fat or not???
While this one got thinner by 2kg........*sad*
Look what he got for monkey!!!!


and it's a magnum bottle, 1.5 L
normal bottle = 750ml

He bought truckloads of wines,
and shipped them home via cargo.
sea urchin appetizer
Signature dish of Chef Takashi Kimura
Pan fried Unagi with Foie gras,
the unagi (eels) is crispy and sweet,
with the soft, rich, creamy foie gras sandwiched in between.
Seafood pasta, not in the menu.
It's called "Mr. Terry's pasta"

with conch, prawns, crabs, fish.
and my fav aragula.
I had a very light dinner.
Many ppl shy-ed away fr Aussie reds,
but this one was so beautiful,
fruity nose and its palate match its nose.

Mr. Sommelier was so surprised by its note.
I forgot on details given by him.....
*chanting to myself, must must must learn how to describe wines elegantly*
Something different for dessert,
staffs were surprised as well.
coz normally we'll have full fledge yummy sweet dessert.
dunno which one to choose,
got the mgr to make some selections for us.
I got this shirt for him,
Nike Slimfit - summer 07 coll.
He said it's too tight to swing at the course.

Heloooooo, it's a slim fit shirt for golf,
it's meant to be worn at the course.

his normal Armani shirt is really really normal fit,
but Prince C got so FATFATFAT,
that it became slim fit.
*kua kua kua*

"Yeah man, so sad. All my pants are now too tight!!"

*monkey still rolling on her seat luffing*
no chocolates for him then!!
All mine mine mine

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