Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Homemade Prawn Noodles, Singapore

The must-have condiments for Prawn Noodles of golden fried shallots, crispy crunchy sinful pork lard, paprika???? I guess they replaced chili powder with paprika? or was it chili powder the "ang moh" style??

We were invited by Dr. Chook to the Chook's Residence :)))) it was my first time visiting their new home. Monkey alwiz jumped at any dinner invitation at homes these days...coz the best food has to be home cooked isn't it? :)))))

We brought cheeses for after-dinner pre-dessert kinda in between thing but the moment it arrived at Chook's residence, those 3 chunks of cheese didn't made it to the fridge/chiller. They were stripped opened immediately, prepared in cubes and were soon consumed


coz the boys needed something to go with the wines and champagnes
Food is just an accompaniment...these days everything revolves around WINES
-_- but I'm not complaining coz this Monkey got her fair share hehehehehehe

When the last guests arrived.....Si Fu Lawrence whipped up a really yummy simple cold somen
nope it isn't pasta....heheheheh
Somen is a really thin japanese noodle usually served cold.

Si Fu toyed with a new ingredient Shio Koiji, something like a fermented rice as a dressing to add some umami-ness into the pasta. Dashed with more secret ingredients, topped with konbu and sesame seeds and finally thinly sliced abalone. I just wished the abalone were slightly thicker to give it a better texture.

But the noodle's texture was excellent with a balanced acidity from all his secret ingredients :P
I must hang out more in the kitchen when the men are cooking to identify all their ingredients instead of yakking and yakking away with my glass of champagnes :P

I like assembling my own food :)))) U get to choose what you want and how much you want them in your bowl :))))))))) It's like playing Masak-Masak hehehehe

All gals grew up with this Masak-Masak game. I started with my mom's ingredients in her fridge and my own food --> expensive cheddar cheese, cookies and berries. Pounding and smashing them, before "cooking" it....to the horror of my grandmother :P coz she had to clean my mess :P
Then I got upgraded *more like I upgraded myself* to more advanced ingredients like cooking oil and flour...oh gosh even more mess. Soon I graduated from playing Ice-Creams mixed with chilis....hahahahaha......Trust me if I have a daughter, she will be banned fr the pantry and fridge :P

Back to our homemade prawn noodles....assemble your ingredients from noodles to prawns, sliced abalone and beansprouts. Then add the yummy broth which has been boiled from scratch with all the juiciness and prawnie-ness *is there such word?*

and of coz some soft baby pork ribs :))))
lastly whichever condiments u want....pork lard, fried shallots, spring onions, chilli oil, prawn paste etc...wow so many things innit!!!!

Si Fu Lawrence reminded me that I've forgot about the RED ang moh chili pepper....
more like paprika to me :P

the broth was really really awesome, made and prepared by Emily
full of flavours and sweetness.....I wanted more~~~~
the amount of work and tonnes of prawns/shrimps were used for this broth.
I don't think I will want to take the trouble to do it...hehehhehe

My second bowl minus the noodles....with lots of crispy lard swimming innit
everyone was staring at my bowl and gasped
OMG the amount of pork lard this gal can eat!!!!

Finally....the cheeses we brought for pre-dessert with all its proper accompaniment of seedless grapes, crackers, cabernet jam.

Kumamoto strawberries
so so so SWEET and very intense in flavors
We bought more home to Malaysia the next day and hand-carried them all the way home.

Right now is the season of strawberries picking in Kuamamoto at the island of Kyushu. Known as the land of fruits, there's plenty to see and eat in Kumamoto. Okie time to book tickets to Japan....any part of Japan will do as long as I get to go this year. :))))))))

Leanne is so tall now. When I knew her, she's just a lil 12 years old gal. Seen here posing with...guess wat???? nope it's not keropok or crackers....guess again.

her favourite dessert - Bird's nest
the collection of bird's nest her mommy has got.....*Faints*
from white to red, harvested in different caves around South East Asia

Thank you for hosting :)))))
We had a yummylicious time, alwiz esp with u guys.

Forgot to snap pic of all the champagnes and amazing wines we had :P


Chasing Food Dreams said...

what an awesome Hokkien mee... to me, crispy chu yau char takes the cake lah!!! it will turn anything AWESOME.... muahahaha..

never knew abt kumamoto strawberry, I always tot it was Kumamoto oysters that are the best... *super green with envy over the chu yau char*

Vivien said...

Wow so much bird nest!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Chu yau char very bad for health but mind you this was hosted by a family of doctor and surgeon and dietician :P hahahah so the moral is...if the doctor approves, just whack it :P

Vivien: Yeah really a lot right? I almost fainted :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

you're not serious?? it was hosted by docs & surgeons?? lol... they must need business... :P

to me, its also whack first... guess maybe the huge stack of bird nest can counter the chu yau char?? :P :P :P

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: hahaha prollie but then they are not cardiologist. I don't think bird nest can remove cholesterol though I would love to think it that way...hahahahaha