Friday, March 22, 2013

A sweet afternoon with de Jouer

Pink face-less de Jouer bears welcomed all the beautiful ladies to an afternoon of sweets and desserts. Monkey was invited to this private event a few weeks ago and dashed my way through after endless meetings, coz it was an afternoon event. Sorry, I'm not like some tai-tai who has got all afternoon free :P....I wished :))))

de Jouer means Play in French, root word "Jouer" but to build a sentence with "to play" it's "a jouer" 

I play it's Je Joues
you play it's Tu Joue
you *formal* it's Vous Jouez

we play it's Nous Jouons
she plays he plays it's Elle Joues / Il Joues
they play??? hahaha it's Ils Jouent
who said french is easy??

I'm currently at my French Level 2 class with my private tutor *he has yet to give up on me*. If u read on the papers one day that a French Man decided to end his life in KL....that would be him giving up on me and my french kakakakaka

what's an afternoon tea without the must have beverages like coffee and tea? :)))))

all details were attuned to the ladies...from the flowers, the deco and the pink lights :)))
and the FOOD!!!! :))) such delectable selections of desserts :)))
all these makes a woman very very happy hahahahaha but not my waist line :P

Everything has got the color of passion innit....RED
it was a galore of sweetness everywhere
beautiful desserts, sweets, cakes and pastries

As u can see, this is an all-ladies event :)))
I lurve :))))

I missed this part....coz I came late :P
lurve the piece in mustard yellow with mint green laces
so playful and spring summer :))))

The latest collection from de Jouer
de Jouer focused on delivering comfort and sensualism

Monkey arrived in time for the show to start :))))
see, I alwiz got the timing right...oh well I work in this industry so I gotta be *timepieces industry that's it, not lingerie... how I wished*

to my surprise....Sexay Back Maggie emceed for the event...
she's wearing de Jouer underneath that LBD...oh how I wanna zipped her down a lil bit more to reveal the sexay bra she was wearing :))))

if you are feeling Sexay...there's something to make u feel exactly like that
Black Lace alwiz exudes that understated elegance
pair it with satin glove to elevate the mood huh? :)))) u know wat I mean?
a good gal looks :))))
that's a VERY lucky lil face-less pink bear!!!!!!!

the pantie looks so so soft, comfy and yet sexay :))))
de Jouer designs for Malaysian ladies so I am sure u will find the most suitable size for your body shape and cuts :))))

Beautiful guests enjoying their desserts and show :)))))

U lucky bear again!!!! getting all the attention from the beautiful ladies
Oh wait I don't think she's taking the faceless bear's pic

It's all the latest and hottest lingerie from de Jouer
in between feathers and flowers, they were laid down for guests to feel and touch
how nice :))))))))
I really really lurve this one in Mustard yellow with Mint Green laces :))))

yes feel free to molest the pieces hahahahaha
including the faceless pink bears.....

The Macaron Towers almost got demolished by all the sensual guests
if you didn't take home any of the sexay comfy lingerie, perhaps u can take away those sugar candies in the shape of bras

Sweet Devil Rachel, Hot Babe Shen, Million-Dollar-Smile Encee, Beautiful CS, Sharoness

 Chinadoll Qian Yu, Auntie Shirley and Monkey

I looked like a WHALE next to them
next time I'll refused to snap pic with ppl who are slimmer than me!!!!

all pics stolen from de Jouer
thank you for the great event and now it's time to shop for all those sexay and comfy lingerie :)))

Go to their online website to check out the collections....and also to shop. Happy shopping......afterall it's Friday folks :))))


Anonymous said...

Nice Nice....
There's one pic looks like lingerie buffet table! hehe....

Chasing Food Dreams said...

nice event!! I even spied a few familiar faces of ppl I know there... hehe

everything is just so feminine and pretty.....

CHER-RY said...

thank you :)) I had great fun there :))