Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dinner: Homemade Beef Pie

Homemade Beef Pie!!!!

Really...home cooked food are the BEST!!!
one may associate it with comfort food, nutrients level and for health reason.
I guess we are the same as well....we can't eat out everyday. Not possible. I will rather starve than eat out every single day >.<

So usually JS does the cooking and Monkey do the side dishes
oh well we share the cleaning job with our lil dishwasher....wuahahahahaha. JS is pretty independent, he doesn't like other human beings in his kitchen when he's cooking *maybe except pets like dogs lizards and ants to vacuum up all the residues that fell from the counter and stove in the cooking process*.

He doesn't really need extra hands. Not even chopping garlic and I don't want to be "branded" by his knives coz he can :P

so back to the amazing beef pie....actually it's like cooking from scraps...yea scraps not scratch. Actually it's both. He cooked with scraps fr the fridge and from scratch....except the puff pastry which we have ever-ready in the freezer. Yeah I reckon u should have some frozen puff pastry all the time. Can just whip up anything easily like tuna/sardine puffs, sausage rolls and desserts.

Friends said Monkey is a drama queen....everything must alwiz be dramatic
that's so NOT TRUE!!!!
just bcoz I like to have beautiful things *and chicks* around me doesn't me I am drama.

I believe in living everyday with simple pleasure....could be a beautiful bouquet of Hydrangeas on my table, a cup of excellent coffee, crispy buttery croissants, hearty bowl of soup, birds hanging out chirping on my balcony, or just cute lil chipmunks running around in my basement carpark, a good workout running around my neighbourhood....these are all really simple things that don't burn any holes in ur pockets/wallets/bank accounts.

anyway I know Hydrangeas are expensive hehehehe but that I got it FREE
I was forced to steal it by Beautiful CS at an event coz she didn't want other ppl to recycle the flowers for another event. Okie I instead of carrying the huge 2 feet by 1 feet flowers arrangement home, Monkey just plucked out a bouquet of Hydrangeas off the beautiful arrangements.
Beautiful CS -_-"
Monkey :D heeeeeeeeee

so it sat on my dining table for a week brightening up my already really BRIGHT dining hall coz I have Fuchsia walls with stark RED chairs. Yea I know it's a very bold color but this is how we wanted it....we are proud when Interior Designers from other units are bringing home owners and neighbors to visit and b copy cats -_- WUAHAHAHAHAHA

"Wow who's your ID?"
"Wat ID?"
"Who designed your interior and color scheme?"

when we explained everything was done so simply including certain fixtures were from IKEA and didn't cost a BOMB, all these ID usually didn't like to hear that. WUAHAHAHAHA. Yeah we are bad influence...if all home owners does everything themselves or getting fixtures from IKEA, all these IDs are gonna starve with no incomes.

JS took a few hours to braise the beef with a bottle of red wine, some carrots, onions and herbs. I don't know wat else he put in there but it's sure delicious and hearty :)))))))))

I don't get to eat pies it's usually by request.
if u were wondering, our normal dinner is really simple. Yeah this was cooked from scraps and scratch. Hahahahahaha.

Thankfully he made 2 pies, else we would be killing each other for the last bite
ain't enuff hohohohohohoho

sauce oozzziinnngggg outta the pie when u cut it through.....sweet carrots and the flavours of protein engulfed your palate, soft melt in ur mouth beef that have soaked up all the wines and crispy crunchy puff pastry.....aaaaAAAAaaaaaaaa *satisfied sigh*
and nope we don't drink wines everyday
guess we gave ppl the impression that we drink every other day???

Monkey prepared a side dish of a simple salad made from scraps, from our dearie fridge :P
*yeah I know our fridge is MIGHTY!!!!!*
Leftover aragula, baby spinach, baby tomatoes, avocados.....
throw in some smashed garlic, snipped some leftover chives, throw in some leftover tarragons and prepare a simple dressing with mustard. Ta-DA!!!!!

Life is really Simple but we insist on making it complicated, says Confucius
while Leonardo da Vinci mentioned that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

I couldn't agree more


Chasing Food Dreams said...

pure comfort food... love pies... JS's beef pie looks to die-for!
even your salad looks so colorful and bursting with freshness.....

Anonymous said...

Delicious looking pie.
Agreed! Home cooked food is the best.
I like that bouquet of Hydrangeas. Very nice...Usually how long can it last?

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies...yes it's super amazing :)))

Melissa: Hydrangeas are very delicate, if u put them in a vase, change the water everyday and temperature must be cooling at home :))