Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FJ the Barney

I was salvaging some old pics,
fr my yahoo pics.
Unconsciously I walked down the memory lane,
of me working on my 2nd job.

Damn, those were really fun times,
though I traveled till I forgot my surname,
and acquired french accent,
and a thing for french men.
*yikes, pui!!!*
erm, well France was my most visited country then.
Monkey & FJ in France 3 years ago
I was working for FJ the day I joined XXX
then it became "working alongside"
and it ended "working against"
till today we are still very much in touch.

Though our attitudes won't gel but,
we complement each other.

He = relaxed
Me = super kiasu

He = working at an annoying speed & yet finished his work
Me = trying to beat the "maglev" record

He = super calm & zen
Me = was sent to hospital for high blood pressure due to work!! *it's true*
we attended every single damn launch in town together,
and was dubbed the best team ever existed in XXX industry,

I take pride in my work,
but I think FJ guided me to the right path all the time,
and made it happen for us.
He took me to whichever countries he traveled to,
fought for my rights as an employee,
I think more than what I deserved.
not to forget every single damn nice dinner overseas,
*nyek nyek nyek*
and every single damn nice new arrivals,
I'll get a share!!!
Monkey also get to travel to places,
which I don't think I'll have chance to go to,

I still remembered our trip to Monaco,
whereby we asked the cab driver to take us a round,
on the Formula One track.
But the traffic was reversed and we sulked big time.

"Non, non...monsieur, wrong way!!!"

In the end, we got down,
and walked around the casino town,
in the cold autumn,
just to snap a picture of that famous tunnel,
where so many drivers crashed.
Cannes, Cote d'Azur, France.

Thanks FJ,
for every single damn thing u can do as a boss,
and built me to be so strong.
and never take me as a threat,
though at times I can be so jeopardizing.

Glad that we are very much in touch.
and still can have a good luff,
on others stupidity,
and be proud at our achievement.
*yeah, we undermined others to make ourselves look good :P*

I really do missed those time,
but we need to grow up eh?
I will not let u down,
in fact,
I am already the person you were trying to build 4 years ago.

Thanks FJ.
for everything,
I hope we will cross path again,


neil said...

hey I remember all those photos! you uploaded them onto neemeeree for mee mee and me to see! :)

CHER-RY said...

yeah, I was saving those pics fr yahoo sites as they will be shutting it down.