Tuesday, July 17, 2007

and It has begun...

*pic courtesy of Nee Lee & her friend who drew this brainless Monday fish*

Yesterday I looked like the above,
Nee Lee was using this as her display image,
and I asked for her permission to re-use it.

Nee Lee & her friend drew the above to describe,
a person whom they hated...
*by the way, the yellow pokka dot unidentified object is a mushroom...duh*

ok, back to Monkey,
How not to look like the above when:

1) Your events has been re-scheduled 3 times in 4 days
2) all the 700 invitations has been sent out!! Twice bcoz of the changes...and now I'm dreading to send for the 3rd time.

3) when all the preparations has been done and in order ready to kick in. Esp with things I have no control over!!
4) when insertions with newspapers has been confirmed and locked.
5) when all the printed materials has been printed and I have to re-print them and it gonna cost me $$$$$

and YOU did it,
bcoz YOU took it personal against my team.

"I know it's not you...but it's XXX."

"Yea yea yea it's not you...but XXX. They are so unprofessional I tell you."
"Come on, they are my people and my team. So you are saying I am incompetent and blind for choosing them? Is that wat you said?"
"NOOOOO, I didn't mean that....you know...bla bla bla nyeh nyeh nyeh"

Nevermind that YOU did it on purpose,
nevermind that YOU are meddling with politics,
nevermind that YOU are the biggest ass hole in this project,

but YOU were such a chicken shit for taking this way too personal.
I know declaring war at your own turf will not do me good,
Come on....at your own turf!!!
I ain't stooopid.

I take no hostages in this war,
U just forgot bout the big dragon opposite you
opening in 2 months time.....*stoooopid*

Nevermind that YOU practiced favouritism,
coz I do too now.

Thanks to u,
that you are now my new best friend,
Keep your friends close but,
your enemies closer.

Yea it's not me...it's XXX
But I'm so sorry to tell you,
since you need to work with me,
u have to bear with XXX
and most of all ME.
I do not need to wait until Friday to smile,
I do not need YOU,

I am merely using YOU,
YOU are just one of my tools to my success.

and Shart YOUR SOTONG mouth
when it's not your turn to speak,
esp on my TEAM!!

"Victory belongs to the most persevering" Napoleon Bonaparte

The victory march will continue until my flag flies at your turf.
*yes it will*

Come on, I'm ready.


neil said...

walao eh... the fishes are really UGLY! hahahah

Add oil bee ree, I know you will get through this magnificently :)

CHER-RY said...

Thanks Nee Lee for the support!!

Yes your brainless fish is really ugly man!! but it's just so right for my post...hahaha.

Odin Cards said...

I shudder at your war cries...

CHER-RY said...

Joo, U wanna join my war and be my warrior?

Odin Cards said...

Sadly, I'm no warrior. I'm just your regular nerd next door. Heck, I'm just a low level nerd.

But I can join your ranks as one of your dispensable footmen that are usually the first ones to die.

O command me, my master!