Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shaggy Shack Airport

Frenz been asking,
"How's Koh Samui?"
Well, it's great if you like resorty and relaxing,
and slothy and lazy with nothing to do holidays.
*this place definitely not for @ss Kicking Vonne*
I simply adore these wood carving artwork,
if only I can bring them back...
by the way I don't have anywhere to hang at home,
coz my home is modern contemporary....not balinese.
"Moo Ga Ta"
Moo = pig/pork
Ga Ta = Wok

You can only find this in Thailand,
It's a 2 style steamboat.
with a piece of pork lard on the top.
yeah u cook your stuffs in the stock/soup,
and also grill meat on the inverted wok,
the lard on top serves its purpose well.
As u bbq, the fat and oil will just melt and help cooking easier.

Simply delicious!!!
only THB 89 = RM 8.90 per person!!!
it's a buffet steamboat.
with ice creams, ABC, all kinds of meat/seafood, noodles,
yummy Thai fried rice, fruits, som tam...endless.
If only the capacity of my stomach is endless.
Someone went red by having too much of beer!!!
Beer is blarddy cheap in Thailand.
a can of whatever/any brands of beer *tiger, carlsberg, Asahi, Singha*
cost only RM 2.60 a can!!!!
*ours from RM 5.99 to RM 7.20*
I like Amari Palm Reef Resort a lot,
just makes u wanna stay there every weekend.
Lurve his Army Armani pants....

"What was your ambitions when u were young?"

"I wanna join the Navy."

"Hahahaha, I can see that. You are already commanding your staffs like an Imperial Army General."

"I did not!!!!!"

Thais are very good with flowers,
this big bunch of welcoming orchids at the entrance.
all the chalets nestled in beautiful gardens,
makes it so private and cozy.
Welcome to Terminal 1 - Departure.
Check in counter,

Look at the weighing machine to weigh your luggages
then bags/luggages were manually load into a truck,
to be despatched to the airplanes.
Since I can't stop luffing,
JS brought me to this cafe to chill out.
After having some sane monkey drinks,
I was back to my usual cool monkey mode.
This is the departure hall,
"Flight XXXX is now ready for boarding. Please board the ......"

Can u see the tarmac on the background???

This is such a cute shack airport!!
so resorty....
truly an experience for me.
cept that I can't stop luffing.

JS kept rollin and rollin his eyes.

"Pls stop luffing."


"U very kampong lar."
"MUAHAHAHAHHA. What is kampung now? Who is kampung?? KAKAKKAKAKAKAK"

Monkey continued to luff her way home.
So u ppl still wanna go there?
I would!!!
Koh Samui here I come again, prollie next month.


neil said...

your forgot your "nyek nyek nyek nyek nyekkkk"

CHER-RY said...

Hyenna luffs are meant for special occasion with special ppl. Tee hee hee hee hee hee.........