Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crab Meat Risotto

As usual,
I reach home with food ready on the table...
the worst it can get is,
food cooking/in process.

All my life,
I reach home with food well prepared,
the smell of warm yummy home cooked food.

When I was in my lolly dresses at 5,
I reached home with kiddie food ready.
all prepared with smiles and love.
*missed my grandma*

As I grew nottier and taller,
there's always hot yummy food on the table
the moment I threw my things and yelled,
"I'm home!!!!"

Then when monkey started her life in campus,
she has to hunt for food.
Not too bad for 1st year,
As the whole house catered from a chinese "ah soh".

When we moved to Cyberjaya with cyber cows,
Food is either HB1, HB2, HB3, HB4....*sien*
the best would be driving 30km out to hunt for it.

When monkey touched the career line,
her gastronomy experience got even worst,

"No mood to eat, grab a beer."
*when in actual fact, that's the only thing in the fridge*

Anyway I was seldom at home with all the travels,
hence it's still not too bad.
JS made succulent crab meat risotto yesterday,
with grilled red peppers, fresh dill....
He even took the trouble to make the crab stock fr scratch.

Basically everything from scratch,
if we are staying in landed properties,
he may even reach out to the garden for his greens.
*well that's wat I thought, just like Jamie Home*

Monkey only helped out on.....
chopping the grilled red pepper.
and most of all...chomping all down.

I am very very extremely super duper thankful,
Can't ask for more.

Just can't imagine after a tiring day at work,
being a control queen,
and coming back home,
to whip up a great meal like JS did.

Probably I will only serve beer.

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