Monday, March 07, 2011

The Making..........

Shell Shell with her lovely balloon and Nee Lee holding our "storyboard" for the photoshoot
It was a rather special Bridal Shower

Ms Monkey picked all the ladies up at 7-ish
TC the Photog said we have to be early to catch/ avoid the SUN
so for the best results and optimum lighting die die we must be early
moreover there are a few Puteri Lilins :P
it was not a difficult photoshoot for us....coz all we had to do was ACT NORMAL
so in OUR dictionary acting normal = luffing like hyenas = 38
till u really drop and get floored on the grass :P

and doin silly things with each other like Nee Lee here posing like errrrrrr
is tat Wong Fei Hoong?
the ultraman got ultra-ed pose :P

Mee Mee adjusting Shell Shell's shirt...
since it's an ACT NORMAL shoot
we came NORMALLY
but acted abnormally......nah actually that's us...normally..

so the person having difficulty in this shoot was TC the Photog
since we monkey-ed around so much...
luff too much like hyenas
he was constantly smacking his forehead n trying REALLY REALLY HARD not to luff

"no no no too big the no no not like no no"
and every NO came our TRUE self which was worse :P
since we were with a gentleman we had to behave kan????
*I think we scared the photog lar*

"NO no texting during photoshoot"
"no no no....this shot kenot smile...."

Actually the photographer was really sweet by maintaining his poker face when we damn knew he just wanna roll on the floor and luff at us :P
"okie now fingers on the board"...
and automatically our middle fingers were displayed
photographers smacked forehead

when he said relax......our relaxed face = tongue face

tongue face again :P

"okie now cute face pls.....errrr ladies this is not cute face"
Photographer just control....controlling his poker face...

I think at the end of the photoshoot he was the most tired of all
having to avoid stomach spasm fr all the tahan-ness...
control control maintain maintain were his key words

"okie now give me sweet smile..."
monkey did a frowned gangster face
failed T_T

"okie now give me STAR jumps"
and we gave him the Flight of Overweight Swansssssssssss
"pls jump higher & lift ur legs"
T_T= photographer's face

we did so many STAR jumps coz we were never in sync
up down and down up
by the time all the Overweight Swans landed...Shell Shell was just about to land

when the Overweight Swans took flight, someone or at least one of us....bound to be left behind still about to take flight
either way....the photog almost wanted to give up and asked himself why the heck he took this assignment
heheheheheeh the Swans :P
3 hours's time to go home....
PHEWWWWW said the photog :P *I think*

I just wished I could upload all the farnie pics just too many of them....
everytime I look at em, just made me luff like a hyena

It was a very very good outing
and we definitely enjoyed it *except Mr. Photog and his assistant*

everytime we did something silly
they just had to turn and look away and TAHAN
:P kekekekekkekekekeke


neil said...

*laughing like hyena*
Can't believe you posted the finger shot! waakakakakak!

Anonymous said...

the photos is so funny~~ shell shell

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee & Shell: everytime i looked back at the photos *fr the CD* I luff out really really loud :P

Anonymous said...

i showed my sis our photoshots and she said cheng cheng did a superb job!~~ shell shell

Tsu Lin + + said...

Silly billies!!! >.<

LOL! I like the finger shot.

CHER-RY said...

TL: oh yea we lurve tat shot too :P